Save a Relationship – How to Do it the Right Way

Did your romance begin hot? Has it now cooled off? Are you afraid of losing that special somebody and being alone? Is it due to disinterest in the bedroom or another reason? There are several things you can do to help save a relationship from disaster.

Listen to their needs

Oftentimes the number one problem couples can have is that they aren’t listening to the other person’s needs. While not everyone voices their complaints, the last thing you want to do is ignore your partner’s complaints no matter how small they may be. If they don’t openly tell you what is wrong in passing, then ask them. Identifying a problem and fixing it will help save a relationship, no matter how “trivial” it may seem to you, will allow you to fix it to keep the other person happy.

Surprise them

When was the last time you gave your girlfriend or boyfriend a gift? For a girl it doesn’t have to be a diamond ring or puppy (although if you can afford them, go for it!). It really doesn’t matter what the gift itself is. The fact that you went out of your way to think of something she’ll like is what matters. Flowers will suffice. For a gift for a guy buy something you know he’ll like. A video game you know he has been wanting to play is sure to make him happy, however I recommend a sexy piece of lingerie that looks fantastic on you. Well maybe not if your a guy! You want to be spending more time with him, don’t you? Giving show you care and certainly helps to save a relationship.

Try new things

If the two of you fall into a daily habit that never changes, then things will quickly become stale. Mix it up by doing new things together. Explore the outside world and go hiking together. Take a ballroom dancing class together. Play a sport such as tennis or basketball together. Take a weekend off to go camping. Whatever you do, do not sit around doing “the same old thing”. You want save a relationship with boredom!

Have more sex

Sex is underrated. Women enjoy sex just as much as men do. It’s important to keep things frisky. Do not be shy to tell your partner exactly what you want them to do while the both of you are in bed together, and likewise ask them what they want you to do. Simple communication will make sure that both people enjoy themselves.

See a Psychiatrist

If your partner is willing to help you save a relationship, then they will to go to couples counseling with you. If they go with you, then chances are you can save a relationship as long as the psychiatrist can identify the problem and the two of you can work it out. If your partner is unwilling to go with you to couples counseling then you should reevaluate your decision to be with them in the first place.

If none of these suggestions help to save a relationship, then chances are it’s not worth saving in the first place. Someone who doesn’t want to put effort into working through problems isn’t someone you’d want to marry.

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Matt L Scott

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