Scott Walker’s Family Thinks He’s Erroneous On Homosexual Marriage

While on the 2016 campaign path, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was asked about the modern homosexual relationship ruling by the Supreme Court docket. Governor Walker was very very clear on his feeling of the SCOTUS ruling, saying it was, “a grave mistake.” Sad to say, not every person in Scott Walker’s loved ones agrees. Cenk Uygur, host The Youthful Turks, breaks it down. Explain to us what you think in the comment section down below.

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“Republican would-be presidential candidates are caught in a precarious position when it arrives to homosexual rights. On just one hand, the public at huge is more and more supportive of homosexual rights. On the other hand, the Republican base is more and more hysterical about the situation. Keeping your base placated even though showing a more reasonable aspect to the general public is a challenging needle to thread. So it’s not stunning that Scott Walker’s spouse, Tonette Walker, is talking about her sons’ help of exact-sex marriage—and implying she tends to concur with them.

“It’s hard for me since I have a cousin who I love dearly—she is like a sister to me—who is married to a lady, her partner of 18 several years,” Tonette Walker advised the Washington Article, soon after describing her attempts to reconcile her professional-homosexual sons to her anti-homosexual spouse. The Walker loved ones falls suitable in line with national developments that display ladies help homosexual relationship more than men and that younger Republicans help exact-sex relationship even though their elders reject it.”*

The Youthful Turks July seven, 2015 Hour one

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