Self-Conscious About Obesity? – Its Effect on Self-Esteem

Are you self-conscious about your weight?

Many people are very self-conscious about how they look and they don’t have to be.

Some folks just have a self-conscious nature.

You have to decide if you are truly self-conscious about being overweight or whether you just have a self-conscious nature.

Both can easily be fixed.

Before we begin this discussion regarding being overweight let’s take a moment to define what is meant my being self-conscious.

It is when you have an unpleasant feeling about being watched or observed by others.

Being self-conscious is when you do not want the attention you think you are attracting. Or at least the type of attention you think you are getting. Therein lies the true definition of being self-conscious. It is what you think or perceive. It may not be reality.

Remember that.

Are You Being Watched?

Do you think, “everyone is looking” at you? It may just be your imagination. Your self-image and self-esteem play a big role in how you imagine yourself in the eyes of other people.

Some people are naturally more self-conscious than others. Sometimes such feelings can go beyond just being shy and actually verge on being paranoid.

Being concerned about how you are seen by others when you are overweight can exaggerate these feelings. It is the same type of embarrassment you would experience if you suddenly found yourself in public without clothing.

It’s definitely going to make you uncomfortable and embarrassed.

And this phenomenon particularly occurs with overweight boys and overweight girls in their teenage years.

Being overly conscious of their bodies seems to be a phase teenagers go through. Being overweight is just another thing for teenagers to obsess over. However, these feeling from the teenage years can impact a person’s image of themselves well into their adult life.

Become Aware Of Small Things

Being self-conscious means you become acutely aware of even the smallest and most innocuous thing about yourself. Then you begin to obsess over it.

As it relates to your being overweight, you may think everyone is looking at you when you purchase a candy bar or go into a bakery. In this instance you may worry whether they are thinking, “Why does that fat girl/boy need that candy bar?” or some other silly notion.

Of course, it is only a silly notion to an uninvolved third party looking at the situation through their eyes in a detached manner. To the person purchasing that candy bar it becomes a serious issue fueling their self-conscious feelings.

A similar feeling may occur when a self-conscious person is eating in a restaurant. They may feel as though everyone is “looking” at them to see what and how much they are eating.

Don’t Be So Self-Centered

By the very definition of being self-conscious you are placing way too much emphasis on yourself. Being overweight only gives you a reason (in your own mind, at least) why people may be watching you and thinking unkind thoughts about you.

Unfortunately, when you are overly concerned about what you are doing and how your are doing it, you become nervous and make “mistakes.”

You drop items that clatter noisily to the floor.

You knock things over making a mess.

This only adds to your anxiety because now everyone (once again, in your own mind) has another reason to look at you and be critical.

It’s a negative situation that feeds upon itself making you feel worse about yourself with every passing moment.

Lose Weight – Decrease Your Self-Consciousness

An amazing thing happens when you lose weight.

You begin feeling better about yourself.

You experience improving self-confidence.

Your self-esteem skyrockets and you begin to feel good about your relationships.

And your self-conscious attitude dissolves.

Life becomes so much better for you.

You will begin wondering why it took so long to lose the weight that has been plaguing you for so many years. That is a great thing to happen.

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Dr. Dale Heil

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