Senior Sex – Tips For Older Men

Five tips on how to increase libido in older men

Who says that seniors are resigned in life, they may be resigned from active jobs, but certainly not from sex! For men, life does not just start at forty; It gets to the climax from sixty years. This is why a man can sire children at the age of 90.

It is not just about making babies. It is actually more about living a healthy life. Sex has the therapeutic effect including improving the physical well being, improving the flow of blood due to improved cardiac function and improved memory due to improved brain cells formation. These are not necessarily directly related, but the sexual intercourse and the energy levels created have an effect on hormones such as testosterone. The level of testosterone will greatly affect the functions of a man including their sexuality.

The level of testosterone will reduce with age. This explains why desire for sex or ability to remain steady and avoid premature ejaculation is greatly diminished over age.

Here are tips on how to improve performance in senior sex.

Allow for longer foreplay: Sex is an emotional affair. The emotions have to be properly placed before one can enjoy a long sex. Where the emotions link to the physical desire, then one is likely to feel more at ease and be dressed in the right psych. This will ensure that you are able to enjoy your sex for a longer period.

Practice holding on to orgasm: All men who value quality sex know that the greatest pleasure for a man is to see both him and the sex partner get to orgasm simultaniously. This fact remains the same for senior sex. Since orgasm is the ultimate pleasure in sexual intercourse, you need to practice to hold back the orgasm. You can do this by reducing the speed of disturbing during the sex when you are about to come, or allowing your thoughts to wonder away.

Communicate with partner: For most women, the sense of being loved or feeling secure is the drive for giving themselves wholly to sex. In senior sex, the role of your sex partner is the key to you enjoying yourself. You need to make your woman be at her best and talking to her during sexual activity can be very beneficial.

Eat high energy foods : Sexual intercourse is said to be one of the most energy intensive activists. You need to be prepared. This does not mean that you fill your stomach; Rather you eat high energy foods.

Consult your doctor: This is the last option for improving senior sex. Always consult your doctor to make sure you are health enough for sexual activity.

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