Sexual Violation Erodes Your Voice and Power

This is a time of illumination. The thin veneer yanked off, exposing the underbelly of humanity. Ancient rage, violence and abuse, long held in the unconscious, are bubbling up to the surface. An eruption is occurring spewing pus and slime everywhere. Collective and individual wounds are disclosed and unleashed.

The US Presidential election created a global floodlight on the range shift that is taking place in humanity. We are moving from the old patriarchal paradigm into a new paradigm based on respect, safety, and success for all humanity. The old paradigm is creating its cataclysmic demise.

The abuse of the feminine is at the core of patriarchy. For the past 2,000 years, or more, the dominant patriarchal world culture has degraded and defiled the feminine. All aspects of the feminine, from our bodies to mother earth, have been violated. The truth is everyone has feminine and masculine energies, no matter what sex. The violation of the feminine has affected both men and women.

Trumps election triggered many people's deeply buried sexual wounds. In order to move forward, these wounds need to be healed. Move beyond shame, embarrassment and guilt. The place to start is with your own healing. From there you regain your voice and power to create a world of integrity, safety and beauty.

Sexual abuse erodes your self-confidence, leaves you feeling helpless and unworthy. The deep violation cuts off your inner wisdom and knowing. The connection to your truth is damaged or broken.

Sexual violation is one of the deepest wounds any woman can experience. If you are having money problems, your sexual wound needs to heal before your finances will resolve!

Wounds caused by sexual abuse can eat your feminine wisdom, cause a lack of self worth, and ooze shame. Jammed inside, the wound festers. The wound effects your money, your joy and your happiness.

How do you transform your eroding self-worth? What do you do with your rage and terror? How do you make love after your body has been defiled and your trust in humanity violated?

You are not alone! Research shows one in three women will be sexually violated in her lifetime. What is wrong with this picture? Where are we headed? It is impossible to ignore sexual abuse any longer.

Your destiny is unfolding. Take only what you need on your path forward. Leave behind your sexual scars and oozing wounds.

Regain your voice. Reclaim your power.

Action steps:

  • Love yourself more deeply
  • Become your own authority
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Create a supportive community
  • Share this with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family
  • Read below about how Dr Cynthia can help you!

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