Should You Delete Your Profile on a Date Site After a Successful Date?

For best results, you should delete the profile or at least deactivate it. This would let the other person know that you care and that you do not need anyone else. Guys are not logical and even though you are not supposed to be monogamous, it is nice to hear from someone that "it's just you and I for awhile". So next time you have a successful date, deactivate your profile or delete it and call and let the other person know about it. Do not make a big deal about it.

It gets even better: if the other guy finds out himself that you deleted it (by not being able to show your profile to his friends) and requests you why you can just say: "I thought you were so special that I do not need to see anyone else. "This will" floor "him and is very powerful way to have someone fall for you quicker.

Pros / Cons of the above: One successful date does not make a relationship. After several dates, it would be appropriate to state in your profile that you are seeing someone special and or that you are just looking for friends. Once the relationship has progressed to steady dating, I would implement the approach described above in order to "seal the deal". Conversely, as soon as you show the other person that you are genuinely interested, the person will reciprocate and you will be able to avoid this game of who is more interested and why. Showing vulnerability is a good strategy for a long term relationship.

Bonus tip: Having multiple accounts on different dating websites will allow you to deactivate the account that you met your guy through. But since you have multiple accounts you still have others that are open and through which you can meet others. This strategy can backfire if he knows that you are internet-promiscuous.

Lastly – should you ask him to deactivate his after you deactivating yours? Great question – I think this could work to your benefit because by asking him to do this – you are subconsciously sending him a message that you care about him and that you dont want him to meet others.

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Paul M Angelo

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