Six Gay and Lesbian Friendly Attractions in Brighton

Brighton has long been known for its gay-friendly community and open, tolerant attitude towards all lifestyles in general. The city of Brighton not only welcomes all types, they provide events, attractions, and things to do for everyone.

Night Clubs

A big part of Brighton's social life is all the night clubs – and there are many to choose from in the city. Some of the larger clubs boast names like Religion, Revenge, and Wild Fruit, but there are plenty of smaller gay-friendly clubs and bars for those who prefer a more intimate crowd, too.


You can not have a hot tourist destination without plenty of shopping facilities, and Brighton is no exception. There's something for everyone in Brighton; Whether you need to strengthen your wardrobe at one of the designer clothing stores like Wolfram Lohr, the Jaba Yard, or Last, or even if you're browsing for fine jewelery from Baroque Bespoke Jewelery store you're sure to find something you like.


The Brighton Lesbian and Gay Sports Society, or BLAGSS for short is an organization based in Brighton that hosts some 500 sporting events and other social activities year round. They provide a safe, friendly environment for gays and lesbians to enjoy their favorite sports, including skiing, swimming, running, badminton, tennis, golf, football, and more. As such, it's not hard to find some great events to attend and even participate in right here in the town.

Gender Trust

Established in 1990, only one year after the start of the Brighton Ourstory Project, the Gender Trust charitable organization was setup in Brighton as well. This is a group that focuses on helping the transgender community specifically with any issues they may have. They have helped numerous transgender individuals over the years, and they even have a completely confidential national helpline for anyone who is struggling with their own gender.

Brighton Pride

Perhaps the largest homosexual-friendly attraction in Brighton is the annual gay pride carnival. Held the first week of August in Brighton, the event visits thousands of gay and lesbian visitors every single year; in fact the 2005 Brighton Pride event hosted over 120,000 visitors.

Winter Pride

In addition to the main Brighton Pride carnival, there is also a smaller Winter Pride event held every March. Although Winter Pride does not attract nearly as many visitors as the summer event, it remains popular with both tourists and the residents of Brighton itself.

Hotels In Brighton

Because the city is such a popular destination, finding hotels Brighton has to offer can be difficult; and depending on what time of the year you are planning your holiday, hotels in Brighton can be downright impossible to find. The internet has made the process of finding great Brighton hotels much easier, however, and gives you the ability to directly compare prices and locations.

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