Social Media and its Impacts on the Gay Rights Movement

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WHAT/WHY: This documentary is about how viral videos, sensationalist republican stories and hashtags for a cause have all been a large contributor to gay rights awareness and thus gay rights action over the last few years. Social Media and the many facets of online activism have been pivotal in the advances of the Gay Rights Movement over the last few years. The concept of mass attention and support garnered by re-posting, re-tweeting & re-blogging to bring attention to an issue is wildly fascinating to us. Social networks have made it easy for activism to occur on the virtual level through the viral nature of Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and YouTube. Organizations such as Everyone is Gay, the Trevor Project, It Gets Better, FCKH8 have all be propellers for spreading information, support and change via social media. The visibility and representation not only impacts the actions but also the feelings or beliefs of the viewers through normalizing and equating the LGTBQ community into society and media’s idea of acceptable. Media coverage of LGBT people has changed over the years and thus has changed public opinion and has allowed the LGBT community to be able to self-identify. This documentary seeks to explore this phenomenon through both a real-life and scholarly examples.

For: Everyone, Presented to: Professor Strangelove; Media Industries… CMN3165 Presented by: Rachel Aiello, Juan Seclen & Dalia Abutteen

About us:
Rachel Aiello: Journalism Student, who aspires to work for a magazine and is a lover of all things colourful.

Juan Seclen: Communications and Life Sciences student, who aspires to become an editor at a fashion magazine, and loves writing and music.

Dalia Abutteen: a journalist in the making with the desire to influence the world through journalism. A true believer in the power of art although not an artist.

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