Social Networking and My Kids

When I first heard about social networking for my 6 year old, I was shocked. Why would a six year old boy with so many friends on the street and another lot from his grade need more friends? And that too on the internet! But one visit to a famous social networking site for kids and all my worries were banished.

I realised that kid’s need exposure to the online community as much as we do and with good social networking sites only for kids, I know our kids are in safe hands. These sites are absolutely safe and are the perfect platform that my child needs to express himself. He now finds healthy entertainment on the site and just loves to upload all his pictures on his profile.

I also realised that adults were not allowed to register which gave me the added relief of my kid being in the company of other innocent beings like him. Now he interacts with his old friends and one day I saw him discussing his science project with them online. This was a sigh of relief. He has also managed to make friends with some other kids in Malaysia and others in Denmark. It is good that this site is making things a learning experience for him.

And of course, the fun part can’t be set aside. He plays games, shares opinions on movies and books etc. There is so much more to my little boy that I had never known. It is this online community that has brought about the confident young one in him in the open. It is safe, it is playful and most of all, Trey just loves it, so it’s all good. Social networking [] for kids is doing a good job of opening up his personality.

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Waleed Ahmed

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