Social Networking – How to Make Big Bucks With the Social Networks

Social networks have always been a wonderful resource for networking online and making new contacts. The latest “rage” are the social networks who provide members with monetary incentives for their participation. MYLOT is a popular site that offers a compensation plan for members who post on discussions. The amount members earn depends on the quality of their discussions. Members can also earn commissions on the discussions of referrals brought in to the program. Like most social networking sites, members have the opportunity to create a personal page.

Yuwie is a site that is exploding in popularity! Yuwie is kind of a spin-off of MySpace. Unlike MySpace, members earn commissions for their level of participation. In effect, both MYLOT and Yuwie pay members for the participation that has always been a part of networking sites. Commissions are paid for referrals to Yuwie, similar to MYLOT. Their are other sites popping up that are similar to MYLOT and Yuwee, so keep your eyes open!

Ad revenue sharing social networks are also on the rise in popularity. All of these sites pay a little differently, so it behooves one to carefully read the terms and conditions of each site. Most pay between 50%-100% of the revenue generated by AdSense clicks on a members profile page. Sales spider, for example, pays 50% of the AdSense revenue generated by clicks on a member’s profile page. With most of these sites, upgrades are available that enhance a member’s earning potential.

If you prefer a little bit of flexibility with ad networks, Bizpreneur offers a choice for it’s members. As a matter of fact, members can select any ad network. Members need to manually enter the ads by copy and paste. As a member, one is always offered the opportunity to upgrade. The decision to do so must be made on a case by case basis, depending on the credibility of the site.

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