Social Networking Sites for Successful Business Networking

There is a growing number of business individuals who use the "Internet as an efficient, cost-effective way to build real business through virtual relationships."

Social networking sites, to be effective and efficient for business applications, should have a clear picture of what an entrepreneur exactly wants for his business. He must define his missions and visions which would serve as the company's framework in achieving his objectives.

Browsing over several works of industry experts, I came across some useful guidelines which when strictly implemented, can be an overwhelming help in getting the most out of social networking sites. I call it the "4Gs" of online business networking. Please read on.

"Get focused."

To get the desired results, you should institute a set of system to guide you so that every business undertaking is well aligned with your objectives.

"Get prepared."

There is no substitution to knowledge and preparation as these will get you started "efficiently and effectively. '

"Get engaged."

Passive participation can get you now, since the need to be actively involved in order to get "real business value."

"Get to know people."

Relationships are more valuable than mere database entries of the people you meet. Know your contacts and find ways on "how you can be of service to each other." Follow up is important in generating new business effectively.

To equip you even more, do not forget there are more tools available on line to assist you. The Internet is just a few clicks away and it is yours for the taking. Blogging is another way of completing your participation in social networking sites. Once you are already there, always be on top of the situation and take control of your inbox regardless of the quantity of e-mails you would generate.

If some or all of the above processes are followed in the correct manner, there is always a 99.99% probability that social networking sites can lead you to successful business networking.


Scott Allen (Work.Com Expert)

Srirupa Dasgupta (Author and Business Coach)

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