Socialist Mind-Control Tactics Used on Troops To Shoot Americans

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YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT! Don’t Be A Pussy! U.S. Military Troops and Police Forces are urged to watch this video as if their life depends on it. American citizens are under attack. Obama and his extremely wealthy and dominant Zionist, Luciferian, Jesuit, Nazi and Eugenicist superiors are purposely attacking this country and literally destroying it from the inside out, AS PLANNED. This has been a long-standing plan of theirs to totally collapse the United States, in preparation for a Luciferian New World Order. Obama has no respect for the Constitution and is doing everything in his power to strip Americans of their Constitutional protection, sovereignty, Bill of Rights, God-given rights, Civil liberties, gun ownership, land ownership, home ownership and the right to raise your children, plus much more. He has no respect for the history of the United States and the fact that our founding fathers established the Constitution for the very reason it is being attacked, a tyrannical takeover of the United States. I will leave a link to another video that lists the four steps to sabotage a country and they are almost done completing all four. For example, the first step to destroy a country from within is to demoralize it. They are opposed to personal land ownership, personal home ownership, gun ownership, family values, heterosexuality, Christianity, veterans rights, God-given rights and Civil liberties that we have all taken for granted. THEY WANT IT ALL! and are using their wealth to deliberately cause chaos to create order out of the chaos with false flag terrorist events, racial tension, financial distress, etc., but that’s not all, it goes much deeper than that which can best be explained by listening to the famous JFK speech, and I suggest that because it is Satan who guides these wicked men of the world, the Nazi Military Industrial Complex and Eugenicists who are LITERALLY planning to kill millions of Americans. This should be taken very seriously and troops must know they are being mind-screwed by Obama with his socialist totalitarian mind-control tactics. Watching the 1st presidential debate right now and all I want Donald Trump to say is this: “The United States is under attack, everything about it. We are 20 trillion in debt because there are a class of very bad people in this country and world that are purposely sabotaging America, period, and once they succeed, defenseless Americans will be extracted from their homes at 3:00 am, rounded up and thrown into fully staffed and ready FEMA deathcamps, equipped with razor wire, guard towers that will make the hair on your neck stand up, guillotines, GAS CHAMBERS (YES, IT IS TRUE), and underground tunnels that will be used to herd dissidents directly from strategically located Walmart RFID chipping stations with guillotine rooms, to the FEMA deathcamps. This conspiracy is monstrous in size but there are some who know it is guided by an evil outside force and use that to their advantage to move the game pieces in their favor which is not in the best interest of U.S. Citizens. Americans are in grave danger if Donald Trump is not somehow elected.

Every single one of these wealthy Freemason/Illuminai globalists, including others who have played a hand in destroying this country intentionally, Zionists, Jesuits, the Vatican, Nazis and Eugenicists, are guilty of treason. They have blurred the lines between the military and the police in preparation for United Nations troops that are already here in the USA, as witnessed and recorded in several videos. Several other videos show the endless trainloads of UN combat vehicles coming into this country since JADE HELM of last year. (JADE HELM = Sabotage = American People). These vehicles have been getting positioned and are already in place for Martial Law. Prior to martial law all people who are on red and blue lists will be extracted from their homes and murdered either immediately or in the case of blue dots, a few days later. All communication in the country will stop working and Martial Law will be implemented. Then they will fill the FEMA deathcamps with remaining dissidents. (Christians, Gun Owners, Supporters of the Constitution, Anti-Abortion Activists, Anti-Gay Activists, and Veterans). FEMA has gone so far in preparing for this event by coercing 90,000 priests and pastors (501C3 recipients – Blackmail) to join their FEMA clergy response teams, forbidding them to talk about certain topics and using other tactics like telling their parishioners to go to the FEMA deathcamps or not put up a fight, etc. The United States Government has been hijacked and the only people who can turn this around are Jesus Christ, the U.S. Military, U.S. Police Forces and Armed American citizens. They have purposed forced the Common Core Curriculum into our schools for the sole purpose of dumbing down students to be obedient to authorities and seek jobs in the service industry.

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