Stylish Shoes For Men – 5 Biggest Myths Uncovered

Men’s magazines are constantly pushing dozens of shoes on their male readers to consider and evaluate – with literally thousands of possibilities out there, it’s no wonder that confusion abounds.

Myth #1: “Women don’t care too much about clothing – they value personality!”

Reality: Women certainly value your personality (and nothing beats true self-confidence), but poor style and choice of dress will turn her off before she can even discover the rest. Get a pair of great shoes and just watch as women start noticing.

Myth #2: “Girls don’t understand men’s fashion, or shoes for that matter.”

Reality: Guess which part of the store women spend most of their time in? Trying on, comparing, evaluating shoes. They can tell a good shoe from a bad one – believe it.

Myth #3: “Women don’t really care what shoes I’m wearing.”

Reality: This is simply ignorant. According to women, clean/polished shoes indicate that a man can take care of himself – this is a signal that he could probably take care of someone else, too. If you don’t regularly have women complimenting you on your stylish shoes, it means you should get a pair.

Myth #4: “Women only care about bling bling – cars, expensive accessories, etc. I should just buy the flashiest shoes I can.”

Reality: Sure, there are girls who look for all this, yet are never satisfied with what they end up getting. They are called gold-diggers. Don’t waste your time on them. Most women are actually not like this – they put much more value on the overall impression they get of the guy, which includes how he puts together his outfit.

Myth #5: “If I start buying expensive shoes, some people will think i’m gay.”

Reality: To achieve this, you would have to start buying shoes in large quantities, with flashy brand labels and materials. Or you’d have to buy very expensive shoes and tell everyone about it. A woman considers it a major turn off if the guy owns more shoes than she does- make sure you don’t actually cross this line.

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Nick M. Andrews

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