Sugatan Na Naman Si Juan! (Juan is Wounded Again!)

Just another curious mind lurking for more information about "Juan dela Cruz" (Juan dela Cruz is a representation of all Filipinos). Do not worry, everything will be served to your table (hot and cold). Now, just to start of, your appetizer …

The Philippines is a third world country, (you know that right?) Mainly 70% of its population is poor. It is said, that if you belong in this group you are sufficient enough to have at least one decent meal a day. A country that has been in recession for more than a decade now. This archipelago is also an inviting destination for only 13 typhoons a year and is frequently visited by 4 earths every single day. Wow, such a tourist spot!

Now, some of you might have an impression of "so?" or "what is new to that?", but that same reactions says it all about us, Filipinos. It sounds cocky and careless but it is also the same attitude that saves us from the tribulations and orders that had happened in Juan dela Cruz's land! What so funny is, we have been tested on the fire for the longest time, then we will come out just fine, unbroken and with a smile.

So, what I am really trying to point out on this article is our undying resiliency, that durability is when Mount Pinatubo erupted, recorded as the worlds most violent volcanic eruption, it is when martial law oppresses our freedom for 20 years, it is when Edsa 1 kindled the fire among us, and just recently, it is when Ondoy and Pepeng almost wiped our country from the face of the earth. Yet, we still manage to give even when our own is insufficient, we still manage to lend our hands even when our own is wounded and shook. And we still manage to share a smile even when our future are bombarded with fears of uncertainty.

So what! if we are a poor country, so what! if we have a bizarre climate. Surely, I can not boast about that, but one thing I am proud of, is our triumphant soul. Our unwavering faith in The Most High, our instinct to survive and our compassion toward our countryman. We may be separated by waters but our hearts are united by hopes and dreams. Together we walk hand-in-hand, speaking the voice of victory and challenging what the future has to offer. Our steps might not be steadfast, but our determination to be in a better place will take us far.

And that is the Filipino resiliency, even if there seems to be no ways, we still find ways. However deep the wound is, soon comes a day when it will only be a scar. I hope you have learned something useful from this. It may not be your typical encyclopedia of knowledge but it summarized the core value we have as Filipino. So be proud you are Pinoy! We are more than just poverty and calamities!

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