Surrogacy For Gay Couples

Here’s the story of Lura Stiller who became a surrogate mom for a gay couple. She was sitting in front of a nice sunny cottage somewhere in Cambridge. At that time during that spring morning, Lura was calming down the daughter (who was a 3-month old baby) of Cary Friedman and his gay partner, Rick Wellisch, Stiller is 34. He is a professional homemaker who works in Dallas, Texas or in other suburbs. She said that she didn’t know any gay people except these two. However, Friedman is a psychiatrist, while his mate Wellisch is an internist.

It was in December, when Stiller delivered the baby, called Samantha. She did this for Friedman and his mate Wellisch. The donor egg was her, while the sperm came from one of those gay partners. Interestingly enough, they decided they won’t know which.

As she decided to help them have their baby, Stiller became a part of the small yet growing movement around the US that involves surrogate moms preferring male homosexual couples over typical or traditional families.

Till today, legislatures debate on whether gay couples deserve the right to get married. Did you know that 14 states actually amended their respective constitutions for preventing it? But hundreds of gay couples are making their ways for creating families with and without marriage.

This has become possible through surrogate moms like Stiller. She was willing to assist these gay men to have children that are genetically tied with them. Women like Stiller are also letting gay couples to bypass those difficult legal confrontations faced by gay couples in adoption.

The precise number of the surrogate moms working with homosexual men is unknown. But, it was found that around 50% of those 60 (nearly) surrogacy agencies as well as law firms around the US are mainly brokering deals between surrogate moms and potential parents who happen to be gay couples. You’ll notice this when you just look at the advertisements placed by these agencies or law firms.

Another study has found that, in the industry of professional child-bearers, there are tremendous respect, support and sympathy for gay couples. Actually, homosexual men have curved out a strong reputation as grateful clients.

These are the couples who hardly hesitate to meet surrogates’ intense demands due to emotional connections. But it is also true that such a relationship can create other complications in the family of the surrogates and the community around them.

A large part of the surrogates choosing to assist gay couples felt that they’re ill equipped and/or reluctant to handle the inevitable sense of despair or the failures that married ladies (or men) expresses as they struggled for years for having children of their own.

Surrogates, who get paid around $20,000 (excluding the medical expenses) for carrying a child, give birth to around 1,000 babies each year. This was confirmed by the Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy, which happens to be an institute recording births that are brokered via agencies.

But you might have noticed that this number doesn’t reflect the surrogate contracts that are made unofficially through the Internet.

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