Surrogate Mothers – An Option For Infertile Couples

Every individual has an innate desire to have a family of his or her own. There are couples who have problems of infertility and can not bring reality to their dreams. For all those depressed souls, IVF is a medical breakthrough. Even if your wife can not conceive at all, you can hire a surrogate mother to do the job. With this possibility, there is a ray of hope for infertile couples as well as gay couples.

Most people are unaware that while looking for a surrogate mother, they have to judge her on different criteria. The egg donors or surrogate mothers have to undergo several tests or routine visits. It is only after expanding screening that surrogacy is undertaken. This long procedure is quite essential to protect the intended parents as well as the surrogates from any future complications.

There are also some issues involving the rights on the child that can prop up later on. For instance, a surrogate mother who conceives the embryo for someone else can later on claim her rights of the child. However, in reality, she is hired for a fee and has no real rights on the child.

After the birth of the child, she has to give it to the real parents, the ones who actually hired her. Mostly, the traditional means of surrogacy is used to impregnate the surrogate mother that involves the process of artificial insemination. The technique is used when the woman is infertile, yet she wants the kids only from her husband. It is like her wish has been granted, all thanks to surrogacy. Now the women who can not conceive will not feel ashamed anymore.

Apart from the traditional one, there is also a modern form of surrogacy. In this case, both the sperm and egg donors are the actual parents. The fertilization takes place in a test tube after which it is implanted into the surrogate mother. In this gestational surrogacy, the surrogate mother is like an incubator who carries the child for the gestational term.

Since the time surrogacy has been in practice, there were many great challenges to this very idea. Initially, there was a belief that women are actually selling their bodies through surrogacy. The idea was soon rejected, and now it has become socially acceptable. Moreover, the couple who hires the surrogate mother has to bear all her medical expenses.

In return, the surrogate mother is bound by contract to get regular check-ups and attend all prenatal appointments. While in the contract, they are also asked to refuse from unhealthy habits. During pregnancy, surrogate mother can not smoke, drink or even use drugs. The contract also spells out that she has to eat well, and take all precautions to ensure the health of the unborn child.

However, the surrogate mother will feel more at ease if the intended parents are friendly with her. But there are also some couples who wish to keep a distance with the surrogates that hire. At the end of the day, it is only a matter of choice. The best way to get the process going smooth is to have a discussion between the parents and hired mother before surrogacy is undertaken.

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