Taking a Trip to Hollywood and Beverly Hills

The things we can see in Hollywood today differ greatly from what it was in its glory days. All major studios except one (Paramount) has moved a few miles north, on the other side of the Hollywood Hills in the San Fernando Valley, to provide more spacious facilities. Most celebrities have in turn taken up residence in the very posh residential areas further west, between west Hollywood and Malibu, including Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Brentwood.

There has been a decade of major efforts underway to revitalize this sector. Hollywood is today synonym with downtown Los Angeles, where substantial investments are most numerous. Since 1999, Hollywood is directly connected to downtown Los Angeles with the long-awaited arrival of the metro. They rebuilt the abandoned theaters, it retypes office buildings and many residential buildings were decrepit resurrected. Luxury hotels were inaugurated with great pomp, and they gradually replace the souvenir shops, the cheap porn shops and outdated bazaars by retail that is more presentable.

West Hollywood, an incorporated town in the county of Los Angeles, is the main headquarters of the gay and lesbian communities of the metropolis. If its population is only 40,000, this number may reach 100 000 people on evenings and weekends, and even 500,000 during the Los Angeles Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender Pride Celebration and West Hollywood Halloween Carnival. Because of its varied shops and often original, and its eclectic choice of hotels, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs, this is one of the trendiest neighborhoods of LA

Two sections of streets are the main attractions in West Hollywood. The Sunset Strip, a portion of 2.5 km from the famous Boulevard between Doheny Drive and Crescent Heights, home to a high concentration of bars and clubs of all kinds, restaurants and shops. Farther south, between Melrose Avenue Santa Monica Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, a distance of 2.8 kilometers, is the rendezvous of the fashion avant-garde with its multitude of respected creators. Several pubs, cafes and restaurants have also set up shop.

Beverly Hills is one of the richest municipalities in the world. In its heart lies a chic shopping area known as the Triangle and bounded by Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard and Crescent Drive.

At the center of the Golden Triangle is Rodeo Drive, one of the most commercial streets of the exclusive world. At the southern end, at the corner of Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, you will see the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, the foot-to-earth rich visitors in Beverly Hills since 1928, known to the general public since 1990, so that were shot several scenes of the movie Pretty Woman starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. At the northeast corner of the intersection is located the Two Rodeo, a small pedestrian section beautifully arranged on the famous street, which has numerous boutiques and pavement cafes.

The Los Angeles vacations cannot be complete without walking on Rodeo Drive and enjoying the view of the glamorous shops, without visiting Hollywood and taking a tour of Beverly Hills. When you think about such a vacation, just include these objectives on your itinerary list and you will experience the perhaps the most sparkling walks of your life, in the footsteps of the stars.

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