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I thought it would be kind of neat to find out some statistics on tattoos. For instance, how many people have them, when people think it’s the right time to get one, if race and or region have anything to do with getting more or less tattoos and how tattoos have evolved from way back in the day.

In January of 2007, The Pew Research Center found out

-36% of 18-35 year olds have at least one tattoo.

-In April of 2005 it was reported that more than 45 million people had at least one tattoo.

-In July of 2005 a group of teenagers from the ages of 13-17 were asked when they thought the right age to get a tattoo was and they answer 19.

In March of 2005, The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology find out:

-24% of the general U.S. Population had at least one tattoo

-17% of those people have thought about having a tattoo removed

-5% of them have had a tattoo covered up with a different design

Harris Interactive found out in July of 2003

– 16% of all adults have at least one tattoo

– 31% of people with tattoos are gay, lesbian, or bisexual

– 36% of those with tattoos are between 25-29 years old

– 34% of people with tattoos feel sexier because they are tattooed

– 29% of adults with tattoos feel more rebellious

– 17% of those with tattoos regret getting them

– Democrats are more likely to be tattooed than Republicans

In a poll done in May of 2003 found out

-76% of people say the biggest issue that would prevent them from getting a tattoo is not finding the right design.

– 10% of people say that either finding the right tattoo artist or having the money for a tattoo are the biggest reasons preventing them from getting a tattoo

A poll done in April of 2003 find out

– 32% of people prefer traditional plain black tribal tattoo designs over tribal with other design elements, texture, or color variations

In April of 2003 we found out

– The number of women with tattoos quadrupled from 1960 to 1980

The U.S. News and World Report, October 1997

-Tattooing is the United State’s 6th fastest growing retail business

Life Magazine, 1936

– 10 million Americans (about 6%) have at least one tattoo

-People living in the West are 20% more likely to have a tattoo than someone living in the East.

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