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Firstly..let me say this …

There are times when we as people need a release after a long day. Be it at the gym, gardening, yoga, new age meditation, your dog taking YOU for a run, etc etc. But occasionally we do not need a release. We want to be involved in something. We have this burning desire inside us to actually be moved and taken on a journey by another human being.

This is the time when I look for a good film to watch or a good play to attend. Because my work usually involves me sitting in relative isolation listening to sound equipment making strange noises as it tries to tell me whats wrong with it, it leaves me devoid of any sense of knowing that there is an active and working world out there. A world with human beings and life. So the demands I place on a performance be it in film or theater are actually quite high.

Now these demands can either be met with complete and total satisfaction or be so completely starved that I walk out (oh yes I have) in the middle of a film or during an interval (so still have some respect for the artists involved) so that im no longer exposed to the torture of a poor performance.

We as human animals are a crazy lot. When we see a performance, we know we are going to be lied to. We go in there full of hope that the lie we are about to watch and hopefully become involved in will be a good one and that the wool will be pushed over our eyes in such a wonderful fashion that for once we will connect to worlds that seem like our own but are so much more..tangible. The problem is now that Hollywood seems to have forgotten the fact that there still needs to be talent on the silver screens and on the stage. This presents a problem.

The main problem is that film studios are profit driven. And yes I understand that almost all businesses these days are. However it comes at the expense of creativity. Its now quite rare that we are grateful to something in a cinema that moves us. And you know what? It makes me angry. It makes me feel cheated and I feel like saying to the producers "What the hell are you thinking?!? Why have you wasted such a lot of money on block buster crap?

Studios seem to be rehashing sequel after sequel in the hope that we as the paying public will come in our droves to the theater and part with our hard earned money and they fail to realize that this comes at the expense of talented scriptwriters and directors as they now dont really have their creative voice speaking, shouting, SCREAMING at me so I can feel like I have been drawn in.

A case in point will be the Matrix Trilogy. I like it alot. Whats special about it is that the studios took a risk and brave us something we did not even know we wanted. And when we saw it. We liked it and wanted it even more. Now you hardly ever see this element of risk taking and adventurous spirit. And frankly. It saddens me.

At LEAST we have talented actors who when they are given room to explore and actually enjoy their work, they put on amazing work which I think are actually saving the industry as a whole. Nowadays. I watch a film because of the people in it. Not necessarily because of its story. I do this because the people I watch. I have very high expectations of. And more often than not. My expectation is rewarded.

I refer to the greats like:

Anthony Hopkins , A man who will blow you away with a look in his eyes, who makes you laugh even when he himself is very serious on a project.

Leonardo Di Caprio , The man sees to build a new skin of energy around himself every time he works. You can almost reach out and touch it.

Sandra Bullock , Emotionally stable, Wild and terrifying all at the same time. Incredibly funny and yet can be so real and with such humility,

Will Smith , A joker, a man who makes you laugh simply because he has transformed into something amazing and infects you with this sense of "Lets go!" And can make you cry with the power and depth he has.

Heath Ledger , No one will ever do the Joker the same. Ever. A perfectionist in every role. a talent gone too soon.

Meryl Streep , No list is ever complete without her!

Vivi Devereaux , A relative unknown for now, but made me very emotional in an adaption of Dial M for murder. I saw a while back. Watch out for him.

Here Hanks Sincere in everything. It almost feels like I could walk next door and he would be there.

Amazing … amazing … amazing …

And so I say again, The choices we make determine what the studios put out there. WE as people who watch films are the ones who should be rewarding good films and brave decisions made by the industry by using our hard earned money to actually see films that are great. And the only way the industry will learn this, is if we truly use our intellectual intelligence and intellect. To feel, love, laugh and cry as heroes, heroines and villains come to life on the stage and in film. Until the next time …

I'm going to let one of my dogs take me for a run.

I end with a classic song most of you will know …

I love LA …

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Nigel Hamilton

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