The Bigotry Map

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The Bigotry Map

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The Bigotry Map

There’s an organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center that is famous for creating a list of “hate groups.” These are groups that basically attack groups of people for things they have no control over, like their race or sexual orientation.

The list of hate groups includes the KKK, and neo-Nazis, and certain Christian organizations that spread lies about gay people that go far beyond “homosexuality is a sin.” So it’s not like evangelical Christian churches are on the list, but some organizations that claim to be Christian are.

And they flip out over that. They claim they’re just following the Bible and therefore, by definition, they’re not hateful.

That’s not true, of course. When you spread lies like same-sex parents are bad for kids or that homosexuality is inherently harmful or it’s a disorder that can be “cured,” you can see why they’re on the list.

It looks like one of these groups is now trying to fight back.

The American Family Association, one of the hate groups, created what they’re calling a Bigotry Map. It supposedly shows all the groups in the U.S. that really hate Christians.

Here’s the problem: Those group don’t exist. Nobody picks on Christians the way some Christian groups pick on gay people.

But they can’t have a blank map. Donors won’t give them money if they don’t think Christians are being persecuted.

So the AFA filled this map up with anyone and everyone they could find.

Like atheist groups. These groups, at worst, disagree with Christianity. They might think religion is bad for society. But they don’t promote discrimination against Christians.

The AFA also included several church/state separation groups, like the Freedom From Religion Foundation. FFRF fights to keep government neutral on matters of religion. They never fight to take away equal rights from Christians.

Hell, the ACLU is on the list, and they often defend Christians in court!

Other groups on the Bigotry map include GLSEN, an organization that promotes tolerance and acceptance of LGBT people. The bastards.

AARP is in the map too. Yeah, the group for retired people. Because, you know, senior citizens apparently hate Jesus with a passion.

Actually, the reason AARP made the list is because the organization supports marriage equality. Which means they hate Christians. That’s not a joke. That’s actually the reason they’re on the list.

So basically, if you think gay people deserve equal rights, or that the government should be neutral on matters of religion, then the American Family Association says you’re a bigot.

The strangest thing about the map is that the American Family Association left themselves off of it. Which is weird because if you want to talk about organizations that hurt Christians, the AFA has to be at the top of the list.

It’s the most compelling evidence I’ve ever found to show there’s no such thing as real Christian persecution in the U.S. The AFA has to make up ways to pretend they’re victims.

Atheist groups have even taken pride at their inclusion on the list. The Center For Inquiry issued a press release asking AFA to put them on the map.

Which brings me to the biggest upside to all of this. The Bigotry Map is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for an atheist group in their area. So go to the link below, zoom in on your state, and learn about all the great groups around you.

Thanks, Jesus!

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