The End of Assad, the Beginning of the End for Iran

Up until recently, the future of the Syrian government seemed to depend on whether a competent of generals were willing to kill fellow Syrians to retain Assad's rule. To date, it is estimated that 1,500 peaceful protesters have been killed, and many more have been beaten and hospitalized.

This past Friday, while more than a half million protesters are amassed in the northern Syrian city of Hama, US and French leaders warned Syrian terrorist president Bashar al-Assad that if he responded as he has been responding, by sending in his security forces to shoot into the crowds, the Turkish army would invade Syria. This puts Assad between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

If Assad does not respond to the protestors, his tenure is over, as the protest movement will create a coup, and his rule will be overthrown. If he does respond – by continuing to kill protestors – it will mean war with Turkey, which he can not afford right now. Either way, his at an end.

There is something else that signals the end of Assad's rule-the immensity of the protest movement in Syria. The size and intensity of the Syrian protests far surpass any other Arab revolts to date. This opposition movement is far greater than the protests which bought down regimes in Tunisia and Egypt. Therefore, we can see that Assad's time is near its end by simple mathematics.

Furthermore, the determination of the Syrian protesters reveals the end of Assad's tenure in Syria. It began as a peaceful protest in Syria, but al-Assad's security forces took lessons from the Iranians and brutalized the crowds. However, protestors kept coming out en masse, and the numbers grow. As a result, the Syrian protesters have become resolute. Noted one keen observer: "They will never give in now."

Another sign the end is near for Assad's rule was unveiled Monday when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that the administration has no interest in Assad staying in power. In addition, the Secretary of State "we have absolutely nothing invested in him remaining in power." This is a change in status, as the administration has finally decided to back "the will of the Syrian people," and is reminiscent of the administration's approach just before Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was deposited.

(What is interesting is what changed the administration's position on Assad from seeing him as a "reformer" -and patiently waiting on him-to becoming disgusted with him. instead, the real issue was that the Syrian authorities instigated attacks on the US embassy.)

Thus, the end has already been decreed for the Assad regime. It is now only a matter of time until Assad is removed from power-and not much time, at that.

When the Syrian period is displaced, look for a domino effect to occur. It will be an event which will adversely affect Hamas, Hizbullah (which, in turn, will affect Lebanon), and Iran.

In fact, the Iranian opposition movement, which is watching the Syrian situation closely, will be greatly emboldened by the fall of Assad. As dissidents in Iran see what Syrians courageously risked for their freedom-and what they earned in return-they will be more willing to come out against the Ahmadinejad regime.

Iran and its Lebanon arm, Hizballah, are actively assisting the Syrian regime suppress protesters. This shows that the Iranian regime is very nervous about the possibility of the end of Assad's reign in Syria; it realizes that the success of the Syrian protesters means trouble for the Iranian government.

Although it may also take an Israeli military strike (as an attempt to halt Iran's race toward nuclear capability) to help bring down the Iranian terrorist regime, the opposition movement will likely be a key component of removing Ahmadinejad. When that occurs, it will then halt the advance of terror and open the region to work with Israel on the end-times treaty-in perfect alignment with end-times Bible prophecy.

Something else of real interest from Assad's reaction to the dissidents has developed: The protestors, who used to see Israel as their enemy, now see that "the Syrian regime is our real enemy." In fact, due to the contrast of how Israel has treated them over time versus how they have been treated by the government of Syria, they are beginning to view Israel in a good light.

This new view of Israel could have been significant in light of end-times Bible prophecy. After all, the Bible indicates that the region will become friendly to the Jewish state just prior to working on a seven-year treaty with Israel-the treaty which will start the clock ticking on the final seven years before the return of Christ.

Thus, the end of Assad is near, which means the beginning of the end for Iran. In addition, as we have seen, that means we may be drawing near to the end-times treaty with Israel; and that indicates the ignorance of the return of Christ.

So, keep looking up!

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