The Influence of Celebrities on Our Lives

Do you realize that celebrities have influenced some people today? Actually, this phenomenon may have happened for long time ago, but I just realize it after knowing some people’s lifestyle recently. Nowadays, the influence that celebrities have on the average person really can be seen clearly.

I have seen that so many young girls fall into terrible lives after imitating the life style of their favorite celebrities. One example is being starving to get the perfect body just like their idols. Many stars have positive and negative influences for their fans, especially for young people who always want to be like them.

Many young people think that it is cool when their idols get arrested because of drugs or alcohol. They start to try the same thing with so different ending, of course. Their idols may get special treatments in jail or rehabilitation centers but they do not get the same things. Once they fall into trouble just like their idols, they are usually hard to escape from the problems they have made.

Or when young people see that many stars’ relationships are broken, they may think that it is okay to have relationships for many times with different persons they like. They may think that a relationship cannot last forever and can end anytime; they do not care about the commitment in a relationship, even they think it is cool and great to have more than one couple at the same time.

Many people think that their lives are boring. They want to have attractive life just like the life of their favorite stars which is usually glamour. They think that stars always be happy and fun, no matter what lifestyle they choose to have.

Because of that reasons, we should realize that an idol is just human being just like us. He is also able to make some mistakes, be sad, fall into trouble, etc, so we should be capable to differentiate between the good things and bad ones from our idols. The influence of celebrities depends on your own choice in your life.

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Gregory W Ortiz

Author: admin

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