The Narrow and Wide Gate

Enter through the narrow gate, for the spacious gate and wide road lead to damnation and there are many of those who do; however, there is a tight gate and a narrow road that lead into life and there are few who find it.

It is not difficult to find out what wide road symbols in this allegory when we realize the wide range of worldly pleasures. Harder it is to know what that spacious and narrow gate mean. The question is, would this allegory be useful for us if we do not know exactly what it means? Do not wait for any sweet talks, and have a look at it yourself.

It is said; the narrow gate leads into life. First of all, we have to realize that life is a movement. Try to move your hand. Now. This is sign of life. It is preceded by our want. And when is this movement made? At the moment of doing this action, of course! Anything that has ever happened or will happen takes its place at the present; it is the same for everything. Still, what does the present mean? Anything that happened a year ago, yesterday or even a few minutes ago is already the past. And that will be in a second, minute, day, year and has not happened yet is the future. Therefore, the present lies somewhere between the past and the future and what is happening at the moment is a part of human's scenario we make by our wants. In such a wide time range the moment of the present occupations a very narrow time space only. And in this dwells the understanding of the allegory. Let us proceed.

As life is a real thing, it can not exist in memories about the past or in ideas about the future. The past is broad – centuries, millenniums, whole ages, as well as the future when our sun will probably shine even in million years. Thus, time is a wide gate. Yet, life happens in immeasurably short period of the present through which leads the way to the source of life. This short moment is that narrow gate. Everything that is happening, happened or will happen is taking place in the present. Only in this short period of time our life takes place, now else.

And what now? What is it all for? Let's have a look at the use of the allegory in our everyday lives. As long as we realize that the past and the future actually do not exist, only in our memories and ideas, it is not difficult to realize that meditating over the past and the future is simply the waste of life. You follow such a wide road that leads into damnation, for the past and the future are void of life. You feed the past and the future with your thoughts. On the contrary, when live in the present you fortify your attachment to life.

Why there are only a few people who find this narrow gate and follow the narrow path leading to eternal life? For nearly nobody is interested. Most of people choose more comfortable, wider road. Dreaming of the future and "lining" in memories is more important for them, rather than conscious life in the present. Do not you believe? Why do you always have a flow of thought in your head that you are not able to stop, then? Are not they the proof of your adherrence to the past and longings for the future? Do not we do it on purpose in order to avoid the unacceptable present the unwanted truth? Otherwise, he would not be able to live as he is living now. He rather pretends not to hear a voice asking for help and closes his eyes in order not to see the consequences of his or other people's deeds, for it is more comfortable. The humankind preferred to build monuments to the dead and investment into the "future" rather then taking care of contemporary urgent problems. Do not take it as we should condemn the past or forget about the future. All I want to say is we create the future in the present and only in the present we are able to learn a lesson from previous mistakes. However, the reality of the present shows that nearly nothing happens. Thousands of children die of hunger daily and nobody cares. Now. Even today! It is more comfortable to live your own life and do not notice the reality …

On the other hand, it is not difficult to find the narrow path at all. It is quite enough to want and to something about it. Instead of this, the man sets in front of the telly sponging on other people's lives or better to say, watching actors and entertainers that are paid generously for pretending how they should really live themselves. The man does not for a walk, he prefers looking at photos or watching the video … The world created by God does not interest him at all, he is only interested in the world of "crooked mirrors", the one he had created in his thoughts. Without this world quietens down, he will never hear the God's voice by which he speaks to him through his consciousness, nor so often mentioned Biblical knocking on the door. Nor he will find the narrow gate leading into the life. In other words, except you have like children, you will never enter the heavenly kingdom. For children live in the present, until their parents pile them up with a load of information and re-create them into their own image. Also words "let the dead to bury their dead …" and "Do not be worried about tomorrow, for tomorrow will look after itself. the past but in the present.

The best way leading to the narrow gate is LOVE. Only then the man is naturally in present, his thoughts quieten and the space for the life of spirit and emotion appears. Also, when the man is spiritually happy, he does not consider the past, nor desires the future, he lives in the present. Another possibility is to become attentive towards all our actions, which develops human's consciousness and awakens him from the mortal spiritual sleep. Therefore, live at the present moment and seek for that tight gate leading into the life in order not to perish.

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