The No Outsiders Classroom: An LGBT Critical Art Project

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Social justice is a broad concept with varying interpretations, but generally it means leveling the playing field. It’s not so much about creating opportunities as it is removing barriers. It acknowledges that privilege for one group or individual comes at the expense of another, and that society has a responsibility to address that inequity.

Could there be an environment where social justice is more vital than in education? We don’t think so, which is why our programs in teacher and administrator education and licensure all emphasize building educational environments in which no student lives on the margins. To do that, more students need to see themselves in their teachers, and teachers need to see students for who they are.

We have made the leap from platitudes to action. UOTeachOUT is an annual series of community outreach educational events and activities hosted by faculty and students from Education Studies. Each spring since 2010, these events have emphasized an anti-oppressive, culturally sustaining pedagogy for future public school teachers. Students and community members alike explore the brutalizing impacts of homophobia, sexism, racism, nationalism, classism, and ecological exploitation on education.

This video is about a group of students in an LGBT cohort who explored these themes via a critical art project called the No Outsiders Classroom.

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