The Question of Equality ~ Part 3 ~ Hollow Liberty

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The Question of Equality was a four part PBS documentary on the history of the U.S. gay rights movement, which aired in 1995. What was the state of gay rights in 1995? A lot has changed since then. Or not. This is a good, comprehensive view of what was happening in gay America at that time.

PBS aired this series in 1995 and released a VHS box set along with a companion book. They have never issued it as a DVD and at least currently, do not stream it online. I have uploaded it for posterity and because I find it interesting how historical narratives change over time, if even subtly.

Part 3: Hollow Liberty

Focusing on the federal laws and policies that effectively restrict the rights of gay and lesbian Americans and relegate them to second-class citizens, Hollow Liberty looks at two major stories:

~ The military’s discriminatory history, from the U.S. Navy’s 1980 attempt to discharge 24 women sailors accused of being lesbians, to the Clinton administration’s infamous “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” compromise policy.

~ Bowers vs Hardwick, the 1986 Supreme Court decision upholding Georgia’s sodomy statute. Despite this major setback for lesbian and gay rights, activists seized the opportunity to mobilize, setting into motion a renewed wave of gay rights activism that continues today.

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