The Second Civil Rights Bill

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt included a so-called "Second Bill of Rights" in his 1944 State of the Union Address. I guess he thought that the original Bill of Rights needed a supplement. This bill did not have any legal grounds. He was just using his bully pulp to share a socialist dream of governmental guarantees of your "rights" to employment, medical care, education, home ownership, and a "living wage."
This has inspired me to write a "Second Civil Rights" bill, 42 years after the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. I will attempt to correct some of the unintended consequences of that legislation.

The Second Civil Rights Bill

1. You have the right not to be considered as a racial object-You are an individual, not a piece of a big racial group. You are an unhyphenated American. After all, there really is only one race on this planet, human being. There are color wheels, eye wheels, skin wheels, etc., but only one race. Any division is artificial and has only served to empower government (by dividing the population), generate prejudices, or give otherwise untalented and unemployed agitators a source of income.

2. You have the right to live in an America that no longer has government backed institutional racism. Believe it or not, America is a well-assimilated society. Racism is generally socially unacceptable (If you do not consider affirmative action.). The US, though far from perfect, is probably one of the least racist white majority countries in the world.

3. You have the right to new black leadership. The current Liberal black leaders are making a living by trying to keep you miserable. They want you to maintain the status quo in your self-created rut. They are playing you, suka. They identify problems (whether real or perceived), agitate a bunch of people, profit from the notoriety, and then move on to the next problem. They do not solve race problems because if they did, they would no longer have a source of income.

4. You have the right to equal rights, but not special rights. Anytime you give one group special rights, you take something from another group. Separate rights have a bad habit of always morphing into special rights. An equal society can not have special rights for certain groups.

5. You have the right not to support those who push the doctrine of "separate but equal." From the George Wallace's of the world to the supporters of black history month, black television, black colleges, the Congressional Black Caucus, etc.

6. You have the right to refuse assistance from the government. If you need help start with your family, then friends, then neighbors. Assistance from the government breeds dependency. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina shows that decades of government assistance produces a group of people who are unwilling to help themselves.

7. You have the right to tell the liberals to mind their own business and stop making your life worse by trying to alleviate their guilt over past sins. They know their solutions do not work but that does not matter to them because they have good intentions. The warm feelings that they get over their intentions are more important than results or consequences. They hug each other and cry over their humanity while ignoring the output: The creation of a permanent underclass of people.

8. You have the right to be free of a society that keeps redefining racism-Racism has diminished in this country. But the liberal stakeholders in the racism business are willing to redefine it on order to continue profiting off of the "disenfranchised." Since these liberals own stock in victimization, they will continue to work hard to find some.

9. You have the right to not be offended. Although government sponsored racism should be against the law, private people and organizations should be allowed to discriminate in a free country. However they will not be able to commit any other crime at the same time. If the guy behind the counter does not like the color of your skin, the shape of your eyes, or the way you dress and does not want to sell you a bag of groceries, take your money elsewhere. Do not get angry with him, you are only showing your own racism. Why would you want to make a bigot your money anyway? The free market will weed out those types of business people before the government can find them. If a private club chooses to exclude people based on appearance, then why would you insist on becoming a member? Start your own club.

10. You have the right to debate criticism of your behavior. If you label all criticism of your behavior as racism and refusal to listen, then you are just harming yourself. Use debate and discussion to improve your own behavior or to educate your critiques.

11. You have the right to take personal responsibility for your problems and stop blaming whitey. Whitey does not commit your wrongdoings. Whitey does not provoke you to commit your wrongdoings. Whitey's actions in the past did not provoke you to commit wrongdoings today. Whitey does not make you commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime. Whitey does not make your 16-year-old neighbor pregnant. Whitey does not make you drop out of school and sit on the corner and get angry at the world. This is your choice. Stop playing the perpetual victim.

12. You have the right to be self-reliant and realize the American dream even if it involves "acting white." The most successful people in this country are the ones who go mainstream. You can no longer alibi your failure by saying that you do not want to act white. Do not let anyone convince you that you have to think a certain way to be authentic. You are an individual.

13. You have the right to raise a family using the old-school model. Finish high school, get a job, engage in courtship, marry, and then have children. It sounds hard but it is not. The new model, high school drop out-children-marriage-courtship-get a job, does not work. Illegitimacy is a bigger problem than racism and it is self-inflected. Illegitimate children end up being raised by the state. Welfare becomes the mother and prison becomes the father. Intact families function better economically and morally.

14. You have the right to get a job and work for eight hours a day. You might start off at minimum wage, but believe it or not, most Americans start that way. If you want to make more money you might have to work harder and take on more responsibilities. If you complain that you can not start a family while working for minimum wage, then do not start a family. Do not spend all of your money on instant gratification. Save your money for more durable items in order to start building your wealth. Seek to own private property. If more Americans owned private property then we would probably have fewer property crimes such as burglary, looting, vandalizing and graffiti. People who have their own private property tend to respect others' property.

15. You have the right to accept violent crime statistics as fact and not as evidence of racism. Then do something about it. If blacks make up 15% of the population and are responsible for greater than 50% of the violent crime, then you have a problem that must be fixed. Much of this violent crime is black on black. You are killing yourself. You are having more success at killing blacks than the Klan ever did. How can I make that clearer?

16. You have the right to better music-Gospel, Jazz, the Blues. Rap and Hip-hop are the residue of the self-destructive lifestyle. Hip-hop artists, just like liberal black leadership, are profiting off of your anger and want you to stay in your rut. If you stay angry you will buy more of their CDs and make them wealthy. What are they so angry about anyway? They seem to be perpetually surrounded by mansions, bling, hos and Escalades. They are caricatures of themselves, today's minstrels.

17. You have the right to stop asking for reparations-Reparations are part of the handout mentality and will push your further into the whirlpools of dependence and concern. Let's make a deal. If you can get someone in Africa to give you reparations for selling your ancestors in the first place, then maybe we will consider reparations in the US for buying them. That sounds ridiculous does not it? No one from those days is still around in Africa and African countries do not have a lot of money. Well, there is no one around from those days in the US either. But you say the US has a lot of money. Is that what is all about? Finding someone with a lot of money to shake down? You bought to be shipped.

18. You have the right to stop claiming everything you want as a Civil Right. Since the Civil Rights Bill was successful in some areas, every social demand today is labeled a civil right: Healthcare, education, a guaranteed job at a living wage, gay marriage, etc. Your rights as a citizen generally run along the lines of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Concepts that are further defined in the Constitution. Nothing more. Stop inventing stuff.

19. Bottom line-You have the right to pick a better country. If things are that bad, then what is keeping you here? If you are here then that means that conditions here are not that bad, or that you can not find a better country. If you are going to stay, stop whining.

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