The Transgender Community is Here to Help the Transgender Person

Naturally, we are all identified as male or female by doctors when we are born. In the case of transgender individuals in the transgender community, this identification by other people may feel incorrect. They may identify more-so with the other sex. Remember, however, that a transgendered individual, regardless of being born as a male or female, may identify themselves as a heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.

A common situation among transgender individuals is having been born with genitals of one gender and feeling that they are incomplete. They may feel pulled sexually, spiritually, or they simply may feel incomplete, based on the sex they have been born as. To help transgender individuals, most large cities in America have developed a strong community to help transgender people cope.

Since the boom of the internet, the transgender community has been able to grow and encourage a greater membership. They have been able to reach more people, conduct more thorough research, and develop more resources for their communities.

Through online avenues, transgender people are able to identify with other transgender stories, research and hear testimonials on transgender surgery, and ask questions to those who have been living a public transgender life. Since the popularity of chat rooms has emerged via the internet, transgender chat has allowed individuals to meet other people like them without ever leaving the privacy of their own home.

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood gender related sexual identities is that of the transgender person. Just like in the homosexual community transgender individuals have had to undergo, and still undergo, discrimination, hate crimes, and rape. In 1992, a pre-op transgender person, Susan Davis, was taken to jail on alleged prostitution charges.

While awaiting trail she was brutally raped by three male inmates. To date, the trail has not ended. People will never understand those who are different from themselves unless they want to. This first step to a better tomorrow is to try to understand the things that we don’t.

It is very easy to look at someone different from ourselves and judge them. It takes a much stronger and wiser person to understand them. Ask questions about the transgender community. Research the internet.

The simple truth of the matter is that we are all put on this earth, and not one of us is just alike. This is a wonderful and beautiful thing. That should be, and someday will be, recognized in a positive light by all.

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