The Truth About Expensive Designer Handbags

All your friends are buying expensive designer handbags and you are wondering what the big fuss is about. Is it really important to own the latest and greatest designer handbag?

As fashion goes, these really are the head days of the designer handbag Everywhere you go there is a wonderful designer handbag shop showcasing the latest and the greatest. Not only do they come in every color under the sun, they also come in every style and size available. And as for those great big ones, which they say will make your body look smaller, is that really true? You get home and fill that bag up then it's so heavy that you can not even carry it.

OK you asked for the truth, so I will give it to you. Here are the 5 secret truths about designer handbags.

1: You pay for the name! Yes that's right you will pay a lot of money just for having the designers name on your handbag.

2: The quality will be better. Although you will pay a lot more for a designer handbag the materials the bag is made from will be of superior quality, the catches, zipper and hardware on the bag will be of good quality. You will find that these bags last longer and if you take care of them well, you can expect them to still be in great condition several years from now. On the other hand, will the style still be in fashion several years from now?

3: People who are into designer gear will notice you more. It is true that those who wear designer clothes and those who think designer accessories are status symbols will notice if you are wearing a designer handbag It's up to you whether you find it important to impress those people.

4: People who dont care about fashion, but who care about you, will not notice or care about your designer handbag Your family and true friends will not care two hoots if you wear designer clothes and carry a designer handbag You do not need to impress them. They love you for you.

5: When you are dying, you will not give a thought about how many designer handbags you did or did not own. Another truth! When your life is nearly over, no one will care if you have had a designer handbag or not.

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