The Unholy War

There is a war going on in the streets, the battlefields, the internet and in the heart of minds of people all across the globe. It is a new form of war where different groups seek to destroy the other not by traditional warfare, but through an asymmetrical and proxy geopolitical tactics that defies the imagination. Western leaders are quick to spin and point fingers in the ongoing ISIS phenomenon and others groups without really trying to address a far deeper aspect and root causes of this global crisis.

Why are educated young men and women with high academic degrees, members of upscale communities simply willing to flee in hordes to join these groups?

There is a simple untouched issue that lies in the core of Western modern society, hardly mentioned on this global conversation. In the past decades – society has been starved from any ideological thought or socially meaningful theme that can justify existence and capture the hearts and minds of the young. It has been a series of decades when the world was fed with one ideology – the unleashed consumerism doctrine – orchestrated, financed and imposed by the West in most parts of the globe, often by force predicated on the misery of billions.

The West and its leaders have embraced this mindless path, with no consideration whatsoever to local cultures, ethnic traditions or social conventions – that many times do not share the so called, Western Values. This process was more accentuated with the downfall of the Soviet Union, whereby the idea of maximum consumption, quick satisfaction and material gains would ideally fill the heart, mind and spirit of all the people, anywhere in the world. For these new leaders the ownership of an I Phone translated to social and economical development and the spread of the internet to individual and political freedom. Sadly the facts on the ground and data show quite a different picture.

This misrepresentation and attempt to impose the will of the few into the lives of the many is the fundamental root cause that has created so much anger, frustration and disfranchise to a significant part of the population that feels trapped in this global circus, made in the USA / West. This is where these new groups are now filling the gap into this growing mindless western ideological vacuum. It is indeed a potential cause that is easily perceived by many as one meaningful path worthy to join, with values closer to the heart and further away from the wallet.

When the West is eager to label the recent beheadings as horrific, barbaric it raises a question. Why we never heard this very same expressions during the attacks like; Shock and Awe, drones on civilians, Congo, Libya and now with daily onslaught on the civilian Syrian population with hundreds of thousands being coldly murdered, innocent men, women and children and the world leaders are simply silent. Obama, epitomizes this absolute lack of ideology and leadership, with his series of empty statements of red lines that were crossed several times and the so called leader of the free world did absolutely nothing. He is a modern version of Nero, while the world is on fire he goes out to play golf. Never before was ancient Rome so relevant to the present reality of the West. Tens of millions of refugees now displaced all across the globe. Last year the US shamefully accepted less the 400 refugees from Syria while Norway 40.000. Now Europe is unable and unwilling to accept the thousands of emigrants that are drowning daily in the Mediterranean Sea… so much for the so called Western Civilization and human rights values?

The world seems to be lobotomized with so many crisis erupting across the planet, Asia, Africa the Middle East and all that we hear in the news is the obscene profits of companies and the rising of Wall Street, that now rules the world and the American electoral and judicial system. A corrupt and incestuous economical power predicated on the misery of billions in countries like Vietnam, China, India and many others that have also succumbed to this capitalist tsunami under the new name of globalization.

The Western Elites, Corporate and Media Barons have deliberately prevented the world from any new ideas that would in some way improve lives with one exception: to increase consumption of material goods at any cost anywhere. And that includes drugs, human trafficking, slave labour that plagues societies all across the globe. The internet a new frontier is now infested with 60% of its capacity with gambling and pornography not to mention the dark net. Companies now dictate what we see, think and do by the underlining farcical virtual universe that has occupied the minds and spirits with a senseless production of nothingness. A series of ephemeral creations disguised as social media, electronic gadgets and new social meds that are now in the very centre of modern society – with very little if any advancement for the well being of all mankind and the planet. Most of the information is now controlled by the few and manipulated so people will consume more and surrender their individual freedom.

And it’s here yet again, in this desert of ideas and ideals that the West find itself fighting the ideological bullets and machetes with no equivalent ammunition. There are not sufficient drones, bombs and armies that can defeat this challenge of the heart and minds of this new generation. The West is bogged down in the old corrupt and decadent systems that are unable to rise to this new era. Just look at the present US candidates for the 2016, it is all déjà vu. Can anyone really expect any real change from Clinton or Bush?

There are only so many lies this new generation can absorb and goods they can consume. This is where ISIS and other ideological groups differs; they are true to their cause and ideas with a very efficient network to deliver their messages, not goods. This is a magnet for the minds of the young regardless if you are an extreme Muslim, xenophobic zealot, a right wing Rrcist or unemployed in the streets of Detroit, Paris or London. In the West the present leadership is now focused basically to maintain the status quo through policies to sustain the massive economical inequalities in the economical global jungle fueled by the so called QE – Quantitative Easing, another time bomb waiting to explode as it did in 1998, 2008 and nothing was changed.

The West is addicted to old habits, unable to face this new era of massive changes. It keeps constantly lying, spinning to others with their old mantras of freedom, democracy, individual choices and human rights while supporting and funding Brutal Corrupt Regimes, treating them like royalty with their close economic ties with no consideration for any labour or human rights exploitations as long they are willing to turn the profits back to Wall Street.

The latest attacks in France, US, Tunisia are really just a start of long war for the hearts and minds that the West cannot win for its lack of ideals with sound moral direction that would fill this ever so growing void that brought us to this series of attacks on innocents all across the globe. The West seems to be lost, unwilling and unable to face this new reality. New Ipods, new Facebooks, new APPs and whatever form of amusement or material reward they can create will not address or resolve the core issues of this modern challenge; the need of a new global social and economical order with fairer and decent human conditions to all the people in the world. The absolute need to resurrect the rights of the individual, local societies with dignity and respect that will not be dictated by the few, brutal force or by profit but by the will and needs of the common good for all the people and the planet we all share.

This Unholy War is in essence a battle between profit and principles, sadly emerging all across the world.

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Serge Waismann

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