The Village – MTV’s First Gay Reality Show

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Welcome to Toronto, Canada’s largest and most lively city. In the heart of it, beats one of it’s most vibrant neighborhoods — the Church Street Village, home to the city’s gay and lesbian bars, nightclubs and restaurants. But this summer, for a group of friends, Church Street transforms into an epic battlefield, as they’re forced to face the true tests of ‘friendship’. Join us as we follow a tight-knit group of 7 gay guys as they face the drama that comes from relationships, cheating, partying and the rumours, any of which could tear them apart. Now more than ever, it’s safe to say that there’s never a dull moment in The Village.


Singer, actor, dancer, David is a triple threat you don’t want to mess with. He moved to the big city from out West over a year ago to pursue his dream of fame. In his first few weeks of moving to the village, David met Matt, and they’ve been together ever since.

As the editor of the highest circulated gay magazine in Toronto (Fab Magazine), Matt has established a reputable name for himself in The Village. Although his relationship with boyfriend David has been going great, Matt has recently felt torn about the big decision to move in together, and whether or not the flirting between David and friends is really as harmless as it seems.

A business professional and newest edition to the “singles club”, Rob has been thinking that maybe this is the summer to let loose and have fun. Confused with signals that he’s been getting from David, he confides in his friends and battles his conscience to try and make the right decision… knowing that his actions may not please everyone.

After a year and a half abroad with his boyfriend, Paul returns to Toronto single and anti-relationship. Now that he’s back, he has moved in with Rob and has also enrolled himself into the “singles club” with plans to take over the Village.

A waiter at a restaurant just outside of the Village, Grossi means well but often stirs up more than enough trouble with his constant need to gossip. Confiding in his friends with his constant speculations of the group’s dynamics, Grossi seems to have bitten off more then he can chew this time around.

A DJ and music producer, Josh moved to the village a couple of years ago to escape the clutches of his conservative hometown. Since then he’s met his core group of gay friends, and enjoys being a regular in ‘the scene’. However, lately Josh has been attracting trouble as his drinking has gotten out of control and his actions and bad judgment have generated a ripple in the group, causing serious drama.

As bartender at one of the busiest bars in the village, Chris has seen it all. He has also been on the receiving side of Grossi’s gossip, and knows the damage that has been caused by his rumours. Chris is the first to realize that maybe everyone in the group isn’t looking out for each other…

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