Therapy For Gay and Bisexual Men

Sexual identity and the adjustment to coming out as a gay or bisexual man can lead to many mental stresses for men in Chicago.

Therapy is designed to help men deal with coming out and living their lives as gay or bisexual men in Chicago without adding to the stresses that they already experience in life.

Some of the reasons that a gay man may choose therapy include but are in no way limited to the following:

Coming out to family- Many times this is the main hurdle that gay or bisexual men face. Wondering if they will be shunned or if people will be angry and un-accepting of their sexuality can lead to a great deal of stress, depression and anxiety. Therapy helps the patient and is available for family members as well in dealing with this often stunning revelation.

Career concerns- It is not uncommon for gay and bisexual men to be discriminated against in the workplace. While this is illegal it still occurs. Many gay and bisexual men in the Chicago area choose therapy to deal with their career concerns and the stress issues cause by them.

Relationship problems- Gay and bisexual men have relationship issues just like heterosexual couples do. They have to deal with jealousy, infidelity, and disapproval from friends, family and even strangers. Therapy can help gay or bisexual individuals or gay couples overcome the problems that arise in their relationship and work through them.

Emotional issues- The gay lifestyle and the pressures that are placed on gay men in Chicago and all over the world can lead to depression, anxiety, insomnia and can in turn cause severe health problems. Gay and bisexual men’s therapy helps the man deal with all of the pressures in his life in a healthy way, by teaching him to manage the stresses in his life and work through the problems that arise.

Religious issues- Many times gay and bisexual men coming out to their families feel shunned or rejected when the family has strong religious views that sex with men is sinful. They may begin to doubt their faith and have questions about their religious upbringing. While therapists aren’t religious leaders they provide an impartial outlook toward the stance of religion and homosexuality. A therapist can help a gay man come to terms with his sexuality and religious beliefs without judging or condemning him.

There are many ways in which therapy can help gay men in Chicago, and many therapists to choose from. Whether you are an individual gay man or part of a couple who are experiencing problems choosing a good therapist is the first step in overcoming them. From insecurity, to coping with your sexual identity in all aspects of your life, Chicago gay and bisexual men’s therapy can help you.

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Lisa A Mason

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