Things That Make Children Hate Their Parents

If there are some things we do not want our children to do, there are also some things our children do not want us to do. This logic is not realized by some parents because they think that they are intelligent enough and know everything about being good. Parenting is not a one-sided relationship, but rather a two-way street where both of you could smooth pass. To realize what I am trying to say, view these points and see what you might be missing:

Broken promises. Sometimes we make a promise that you are going to buy his favorite toy if he will do well in school. But when the time comes, we have a lot of excuses. This bad attitude of ours will stick into his mind and whenever you make a promise again, he will not believe you anymore. Do not tell your child what you are not sure you can do. It will hurt him deep inside.

Overprotective. No parent desires his child be hurt, not even by a mosquito bite. But as our child grows up, he wants to discover things on his own. Climbing a small tree is a good exercise for little boys, although it is quite dangerous. Instead of getting mad when he insist of climbing it, it is better that you tell him the consequences if he falls, give him tips how to be safe and watch him do his will. If he falls, he will still climb again but he will be more careful this time.

Negative communication. Most of the time, when we are busy with something inside the house, our child will ask or try to help. Giving a negative response will definitely break his heart. Be glad that he likes to help or curious about something, that means he is kind and intelligent. You can always explain things in simple ways and he will be very eager to hear it.

Ignoring them. Working the whole day makes us very tired and our children sees that. But if you ignore him when he offers your slippers, he will be very upset. He may not have the ability to help you in your work, but he can cool your pressure down in his own little way. If he shows his drawings, tell him it is the best drawing you ever saw, even if it is just an image of an apple.

No logic anger. A simple mistake does not deserve a shout from you. Being clumsy sometimes is part of a growing child. It is our role to guide them how to do things right, not to punish them because they can not do things well. You can not expect a child to walk as fast as you can, so you do not have the right to scold him if he is slower than you, and that is logic.

He is not being asked. He may have the most expensive clothes and toys, but he is not being happy with it. This is because it is not his favorite color or style. If he does not eat well, it does not mean he is sick. He might want to eat something else. Remember, not all children love to eat hotdogs. You do not have to guess what he wants, just ask him and he will explain you all the details, with a smile.

You are not the doer. We keep telling our child that they should not watch late night shows, but we are doing it. No matter how well you explain it, your child will still be confused. Children always thought that we as adults are role models because we know what they do not. But if our actions are different with what we say, they will not like it.

Giving your children what they want is not always negotiable. Sometimes it is a must.

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Angel Cuala

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