Think Tanks – A Historical Record of the Reality and Brains Behind the Game

Recently, an acquaintance of mind mentioned that Think Tanks historically have had a great deal of impact on policy making decisions in Washington DC, especially when it comes to the strategic defense of our country. Indeed, that is rather hard to deny and it is good to have the top thinkers of our time supporting our common goal to have the strongest defense on the planet. Without that we really do not have any guarantee that our great nation can continue. Without a strong military and defense our political clout, political will, and our diplomacy issues will not be taken seriously.

In any case, since I have not told you anything that you probably didn’t already know or hadn’t previously contemplated, my acquaintance did remind me of a rather interesting book to read, one which I own and it sits in my personal business library in my home. The name of the book, one which you may wish to read yourself if these things interest you is:

“Think Tanks” with a rather lengthy subtitle “An inside report on the remarkable idea factories – from pioneering Rand Corp to Herman Kahn’s Hudson Institute to Robert Hutchins’ pundit-harboring Center for Democratic Institutions to Nader’s Raders, with a host of cerebral super-markets in between – that have made the brains business America’s newest and perhaps most fateful, industry” by Paul Dickerson, published by Atheneum, New York, NY, (1971), pages 370, Library of Congress Card Catalogue # 71-16293.

As the Founder of a Think Tank, which operates online, I understand what the author was getting at, and see why his hard-hitting view and admonishment of the Industrial Military Complex was so pointed. He did serve in the US Navy, and thus, understands at least some of the game – today he’s an older gentleman with some 55-books under his wings.

This book; “Think Tanks” (the author’s first book) is a nice picture in time of the 1960s and 1970s, and it warns of the their power to move mountains and influence our leadership. It’s a worthy read, and so maybe I’ll recommend it to my acquaintance to consider in his quest to use brains to focus the brawn of our military. Please consider all this.

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