Thinking Positive with the Law of Attraction

You have probably heard of the new fad going around called "The Law of Attraction" and all the things that know this can bring to you. This is good that this knowledge is getting out to the world, but there are a few key pieces missing.

For example when you are driving on the highway, the speed limit is clearly posted every few miles. Yet to drive the highway there are a few other things you must know before you ever hit an on ramp. So it is with the newly advertized Law of Attraction, there are a few other things you must know.

Positive thinking is but one aspect of Law of Attraction, just thinking positive will not bring you glory and riches. You do have to earn what you have. You have more than likely hear of lottery winners who win millions of dollars, but end up just as broke and further in debt than before they won. Do you know why that is? It is because their inner self is not developed enough to handle the situation. Yes that seems harsh, but it is the reason.

Your outer world is a reflection of what you are inside. If you were to say that you will help other people when you get rich, chances are you will not. If you do not help people now, nothing will change you should become wealthy. Many times the universe (god) answers and grants wealth to people to see if indeed they will help other people as there is something that person must do that will change the whole world. What happens in most cases is that the person hopes their promise to help others and gets wrapped up in themselves and all the new toys. So the universe will cause the wealth to be transferred to someone else that will do the work to help others.

So many people complain that they do not become wealthy; the problem is not with the universe, the world, or the neighborhood. The problem is inside you; what ever you are now will only amplify with wealth. If you are a lazy person you will only become lazier with wealth. Conversely if you are an energetic and empathetic person you will become a greater person with your wealth. So do not blame the circumances around you for your lack, look inside and see the truth. Once you know what the problem is you can correct it and lead a happier life.

There are certain unwavering laws that govern the operation of this world we live in. Some we can control and use to our advantage, like electricity and sound waves. Others are firm and fixed, like gravity and friction. Understanding these laws and working with them will help you to temporarily overcome their effects; for example the invention of the airplane and the wheel will overcome gravity and friction respectably, but are still subject to those two laws and will ever have to submit to them. IE the airplane will land and the wheel will stop turning.

The Law of Attraction will always keep working, it will cause what you are to become reality; your reality. Every thing has to be in its own context to be appreciated. A beautiful rose bush in a field of corn is nothing but a weed. You will have to create your own world one step at a time, one idea at a time. You must run the race fairly to even finish; to try to take a short cut will only set you back, and cause you to lose even what you have now.

So do not think that the whole think positive Law of Attraction will instantly turn your life from hell to heaven overnight, it will not. It will work for you if you use it; although you have to use it wisely. It takes at least 18 years to turn an embryo into an adult human; during that time that human became a person. If that person is unsatisfied with their life it will take effort, time, and conscious thought to create the life that is desired. It may well take far less time than becoming an adult did, but it still takes time.

You can only have what you are worthy of. You can not buy a piano and expect to perform at the master level in Carnegie Hall the next day. You will have to learn and practice until one day you are ready, then you will be worthy of the applause you will receive as well as the satisfaction. If you use the Law of Attraction correctly the teachers, music, and opportunity will present themselves to you with minimal effort, but you must accept what is given and use it as the time is correct.

Remember this; be careful of what you wish for, as you will get it.

Be Blessed

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