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Are you desiring and drooling over a Dior, LV or Fendi logo and hiring that somebody will have enough money to buy you a designer purse that is worth bragging about to your friends about? Sign up and become a member of the team! You might have thought that, short of winning a ton of money in the lottery, you'd never be able to have your own designer label handbag. After everything, these handbags symbolize richness and class for females. Listed here are descriptions of three of the top women's labels for handbags.

Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion and leather goods company founded in 1854 with headquarters in Paris, France; One of the leaders in designer brands. If you are looking for something cheap, this designer brand is not for you. They have beautifully monogrammed bags, the estimated cost is about United States one thousand dollars and higher. Louis Vuitton bags have a wide range of styles such as clutches, shoulder bags, totes and top handles.} For more details about LV bags and prices, check out Louis

Dior was a very influential French fashion designer who has made his name as one of the most respected brands to this day. CD handbag's for females are separated into these group: Current styles, Icons and Classics, Dior signature and branded, little bags and clutches, and this includes the "Pink Dior Ultimate Pouch" – stylish hot pink pocketbook made of shiny leather which will definitely be your brand new best friend. CD bags coordinate well with evening attire. Go to if you are looking for more information on CD handbags.

Fendi is well known as an Italian designer who started the trend of baguette bags. Fendi was launched initially in Rome as a leather and fur shop. A Multinational company is its current status today, the LMVH group is known for its luxury goods brand with the erstwhile Karl Lagerfeld as its creative director. The various lines of Fendi bags are something to see. Fendi is known around the world for its timeless classic handbags and leather products. Go to if you would like to learn more about their various designer bags.

Most men hate trendy purses while all women love them. Those mentioned above are really made to cater to an exclusive market of wealthy people. Although the designer handbags are extremely expensive, the quality and lure of owning one make them quite enticing. Since Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Christian Dior claim that they manufacture only the highest quality bags, the fact that they are expensive may not be an issue. I know you've been wishing for a designer purse, and if you're really lucky you could actually get one as a present for your next birthday.

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