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Kinsey Reports show that about four percent of male homosexuals, even with a broad definition and calculation method of the radical gay groups, the ratio will not exceed ten percent. However, Professor Prindle research suggests that specializes in Hollywood, Hollywood actor in gay ratio of about 25 percent. Hollywood even “gay mafia” (#TheGayMafia) statement, but are not open secret. Once all-powerful Michael Ovitz in 2002 an interview complain about this, results are considered in Hollywood can not stand up forever.

Hollywood is a place full of contradictions, on the one hand, it brings together a large number of gay cast and crew, when talking about the fight for basic truths gay rights is not left behind, on the other hand, it is in practice time and is extremely conservative when when the spotlight shine on their own, often do not dare even the most basic truth.

Here are the top 10 Hollywood gay actors lists:
1. Jim persons ( #JimPersons )
2. Neil Patrick Harris ( #NeilPatrickHarris )
3. Matt Bomer ( #MattBomer )
4. Wentworth Miller ( #WentworthMiller )
5. George Takei ( #GeorgeTakei )
6. Matt Dallas ( #MattDallas )
7. Ricky Martin ( #RickyMartin )
8. Zachary Quinto ( #ZacharyQuinto )
9. T.R. Knight ( #TRKnight )
10. John Mahoney ( #JohnMahoney )

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