Top Five Worst Online Dating Sites

The online dating business is becoming more lucrative as singles from all walks of life choose to meet people online and get to know them before taking the dating plunge outside of cyber space.

However, not all dating sites deliver on their promises-some are just outright scams. After extensive research, here are the top five worst dating sites online reviewed so you do not have to. These online dating services are not likely to return your emails after you've given them your credit card number, lie about their membership numbers, or generate false profiles in order to lead you into spending more money:

5) This site has some good user friendly icons, and has come a long way from the merge three years ago with another online adult dating service. The downside to fun match is that they use relentless popups to try to get you to join, and will start spamming you if even click on their link to check it out. Not very businesslike, kind of like begging.

4) [] The research department contacted this site to ask for a reply to the hundreds of unanswered complaints this site is reported to have received. They have yet to answer, so I would not suggest spending any money with them.

3) [] This online dating site is up again, down again, and may resurface under a different name, so beware of any site that encourages new membership through you asking your friends to join. They will promise payment for referrals, which in turn sign up and earn money through other referrals. They reply to answer emails and we have never heard of anyone getting paid. They are not even smart enough to post false testimonies.

2) [] This adult online dating service posts duplicate profiles altered just slightly. They are accused of posting false profiles and underage pictures. While they do reply to complain emails, their reply without taking responsibility for their actions and seem overall to be sketchy. We also have confirmed reports that this dating service online continues to charge your credit card after you cancel your subscription.

1) [] One of the worst free sites, this totally free online dating service is one of the over 100 free dating sites on the web that you need to be cautious about. The reason that this site is free is that they will sell not only your personal information, but your own "confidential" profile. This creates a thunderstorm of spamming to your email and sets the stage for viruses and even identity theft.

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