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So much has been written about how to best go about tracing your family tree that rather than just repeat what every other book or article has suggested, I think it’s best to tell you how I have attempted to find details about my Great-Great-Grand mother. At least this will give you some idea as to what to look for and where to look which is all important. What your elderly relatives know is a starting point for your research as this will give you something to work with.

My great Great Grand Mother’s name is Ann Livingstone (e) and from what my ancestors have told the family is that she is somewhat related to the explorer, David Livingstone. Her father and the explorer’s father were brothers it has been stated but I have been unable to verify of refute this and after writing to a descendant of the explorer who is a genealogist, he stated that he cannot find an Ann in his ancestry.

It is also believed that Ann was a daughter of a French Solider who died in the French wars or as it is often referred to as the Napoleon Wars. The French wars ended in 1815 and it is believed her father died when Ann was a baby or just prior to her being born.

What is known factually from researching using online tools and “Births, deaths, and marriage” registers is that Ann married William Stewart, my Great-Great-Grandfather 23rd May 1834 at Old Kilpatrick, Dumbartonshire. Both it is stated are from that parish but William we know was born in Stirlingshire as was his siblings.

The Scottish naming system which was often used to name children was mostly in use during the 1700s and 1800s and the first male was named after the paternal grandfather and the first female after the maternal grandmother.I have tried to match the naming system with the names of Ann’s possible parents, but still no joy. However, I have tried other strategies such as writing to newspapers in other parts of the world where there are pockets of Livingstone’s. The search is still going on but I have found a lot of information about the Stewart’s (my surname).

The best sites for researching your family tree I have found are Scotland’s People for those who have Scottish ancestry and Family Search which covers the UK.If you would like further information on tracing your family ancestry then check out the following site, it has a lot of info for researchers;

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