Trailer for COMING OUT IN THE 1960s

Four young people learn from LGBT elders what the political atmosphere was in the 1960s that lead up to Stonewall. Elder discuss how civil rights, the womem’…
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Hundreds of couples rush to marry in Wisconsin

Gay rights activists have won 15 consecutive lower court cases since a landmark Supreme Court ruling last summer, but in states such as Arkansas, couples had only a few days in which to marry before judges' decisions were appealed. Abby Collier said …
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Left-wing U. refuses to reform

Conservative speakers are now routinely disinvited from commencement addresses. Students or faculty members who offer public skepticism about gay marriage or unfettered abortion, voice pro-Israel sentiments or express doubts about man-caused global …
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Giving due to the marginalized

The students researched and wrote 16 narratives of people who lived and persevered in the area before the 1960s. At least one story on each of the five stops was connected to the very place that the group stood. They detailed the life of a slave who …
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