Transgender Breast Forms and Male Breast Enhancement

Ogden Nash is credited with saying, “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.”

So it is with many things, you may have many options, but each will have its benefits and its costs. When men want fuller breasts, they can look online and in no time will realize that they have some options, including pills and breast augmentation surgery. However, with today’s realistic breast forms, the quickest way to go from flat to full, men don’t have to take any risks on untested drugs or spend thousands of dollars on surgery.

So, what kinds of transgender breast forms are out there? Silicone is the latest material on the scene, and lightweight silicone has helped usher in a new tier of crossdresser breastforms that look realistic and wear quite comfortably. Of course, foam forms have been around for a while, and these are still a viable option, especially for the budget-conscious.

Men can expect to find some attractive features in today’s transgender breast forms, such as:

  • Nipples that protrude a lot or a little, with some being detachable
  • A more natural form that has an asymmetrical, pendant shape and natural movement
  • Life-like feel and flesh color provided by tonal, soft materials on the exterior
  • Attachable forms that can be worn sans bra
  • Silicone that warms to the body’s natural temperature for a more realistic experience
  • Concave backs that conform better to the male chest
  • Very large crossdresser breast forms that provide an immediate dramatic effect

With the risks and cost associated with pills and surgery, using breastforms makes sense. The price range varies, but even the most expensive forms won’t approach the cost of a year’s worth of male breast enhancement drugs or breast enlargement surgery.

Kristina Basequi

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