Tubular Wind Turbine Aerostat Alternative Energy Generation Future Concepts

Recently, I looked at a tubular wind turbine aerostat, which had the funny shape of an elongated donut, it was your basic flying wind tunnel venture tube tethered like a kite. The long cable also housed the power cord and it generated electricity, nice new eco-innovation right? Well, seriously, as inventors and innovative minds have been discussing these things since the 1940s – go look through some old Popular Science Magazines some time.

Anyways, the young kids, grad students who put this non-new eco-innovation together claim it to be some new revolutionary device, and I've hated to take away their self-esteem. Still, is not it time to take such a contraption to the next level to really make it high-tech in the present period and on into future periods? Yes, at least yes, I believe it is. So, I asked the group three questions;

1.-Have you considered using the friction of the air across the airfoil as energy which could cause a shape-shifting material-graphine for instance with sandwiches ammonium atoms to adapt to the relative wind speed for better control? Maybe slightly changing the center of the donut hole inlet? Or creating a lower profile area in high winds?

2.-What are your thoughts on taking at least some of the energy you create to fire up a frequency device to align the air molecules coming in, then, simulating "thicker air" or greater density – meaning more power generated?

3.-The unit appears somewhat translucent (even stealthy?) Meaning it will not be an eye-sore, which makes people happy, but do you have a light weight set of strobe lights for aircraft for domestic use?

You see, if we are to really take our eco-innovations seriously, these kids graduating from college who somehow believe their passion for innovation will get them by – then we need to challenge them to take it to the next level without pretending it's good enough , when clearly it lacks real solid futuristic innovation. Please consider all this.

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Lance Winslow

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