Understanding The Psychology of An Attacker

There are many reasons why someone commits rape. It is important for you to know the various mindsets of different rapists/assailants. There are those who did it because of their low self-esteem. Below is a list of situations that could apply to them.

1) His family background is not normal

2) He hates himself thus committing a crime helps to boost his own self-confidence. In this case, putting up a spirited struggle is usually effective in discouraging him from continuing his assault.

3) There was a lack of love, or even outright abuse when they were young.

4) He is trying to prove that he is not coward and is longing for some respect so by committing a crime it will boost his male-ego.

5) He is merely looking to satisfy his mental perversion. He derives pleasure from overpowering his victims. In this case, struggling will even excite him. Nevertheless, a good counterattack will still make him hesitate attacking you.

Well, after knowing the background of the attackers, knowing what goes through their minds is of paramount importance. What would be the psychology of an assailant who attacks another person?

1) He is tense and nervous.

2) He aims to complete his job as soon as possible. This is because he know that the faster he finish his job, the lesser his chance of getting caught. That is why it makes him tense and nervous.

3) He does not want to talk. By talking, he feared that he might reveal his fears to his victims. His mind is set on completing the job he has set on doing as quickly as possible. Those who are tense will be unlikely willing to talk.

4) He is afraid of brightly lit areas. This is to avoid his victims recognizing and remembering his face. Other than that, if he assaults you in a well-lit area, there is a chance that others may notice him. Besides he does not want to draw attention.

5) He is afraid of crowds. This is simply because crowds will be able to interfere.

6) He prefers to stay close to the victim. This gives them a chance to terrify as well as putting his victims under more control.

7) He expects that his victims to be fearful of him and be submissive. This is because most people who are attacked do not fight back or even resist. That is why it is important to put up a struggle to further confuse him.

8) He fears that his target is able to fight back. This is because knowing that if his victim is physically and mentally prepared, then his job would be much tougher now. His tendency to back out will increase as his chances of getting into trouble increase. He would want to avoid being arrested. However, it is very important to note that any weak and half-hearted resistance will tend to be provocative instead of a deterrent.

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Ahmad Mutammim

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