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I find that the most effective ways to save your hard earned money are avoiding the regular expenses, but fear not! There are many ways to cut down every day spending. And here is just one more simple money saving idea.

Unsubscribe to magazines. Simple as that. If its in a magazine, then its on the net, heck, probably before it reached the printing press! We all like different things, celebrities, home and furniture, technology, and I will say there are many great magazines out there. But if you have an internet connection, then you do not need them!

Google your favorite topic you follow with magazines, and I'm certain you'll find many websites and blogs on the same topic, whether it be technology, photography, sports, celebrities, cooking or practically anything else. Bookmark them, subscribe to them, and keep an eye on them, every morning, every week … whenever ever you want! If you find a nice blog you want to follow you can subscribe to RSS feeds. You will notice the icon for it on most blogs. This way you are informed when new posts and articles appear on the site.

You'll be as up to date as possible this way, and you will not be seeing a bill from the magazine companies any more. You'll have information as it is released, whether your interested in the new iPhone 3G S VI Xturbo diesel lite, or Katie Price's latest breast size. Thanks for reading yet another practical money saving hint to make your cash go farther!

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Dave Kennedy

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