Used to Being Bored: Not What America Is Fighting For

America has led the world in different ways. What I am very sure America is not fighting for is that people should be used to being bored. It is now very sad. Many are bored and so unhappy. But America is fighting everyday against it. I heard someone confess and my heart was moved to write this:

I do not even know what it feels like to be bored again. I am used to being bored. I am kinda changed now, but I worry for my siblings. We were always looked up in the house … School was from 7am to 6pm including lessons. When we were back home, we were always locked in. Weekends we do not go out. I have stayed in my neighborhood for years and do not know the next door neighbor, not to talk of who lives down the street … We had video games, different things to keep us individualized and occupied. I did not know and still do not really know how to talk to the next person … When I got my job it was really difficult to go for training and join the bus with people. I almost keep up bet for my Uncle's help and encouragement. I am really trying now …

The above is just a capture of few lines of what someone said in all honesty, trying to explain to another person how the niece needs help. My heart was moved and I wonder how many bored and so unhappy in their closets. The physical, social and psychological effects of boredom kills our society and it worries me. People would not know how to relate with another, not to talk of Love another, tolerate, condone – but the craving to love and be loved will always be there – meaning many will remain unhappy.

What then is America fighting for? Do we take a deer look into the essence of the different things America fights for and exalts?

  1. Democracy : Democracy is to give every individual a say and a form of expression, pride, belonging, and contribution to their rule.
  2. Liberty: Many that know the famous Status of Liberty may not know what it symbolizes: It is that monument that agreements to the inner cry to be free and at one's own will and responsibility. Liberty say you should be who you want to be within the law. Take Responsibility for yourself and your Life.
  3. Capitalism: Be your own sower and reaper. Yes the government can control, but they should regulate it to encourage free trade, free flow that is best for all.
  4. Hollywood: It is unimaginable what Hollywood movies and music have done all over the world. They have helped many find themselves. It has given people insight into different things, events and works of life. They have given people reason to believe and inspired many to become something. It is not just the entertainment. It is more of a socialization and what keeps inspiring and integrating this global world.
  5. Leadership of Nations: America always tries to lead or leads our world. Every country can do it's thing, but America tries to do every country's thing. Americans consciously and unconsciously are proud and know that they are not just living for themselves but the whole world – Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, and particularly Peace Keeping Soldiers, CIA and FBI doing things in different parts of the world to keep the peace. Many say America protects its interest, yes true – world peace is part of America's interest to encourage the free flow of commerce and trade, that serves them and our World. Americans decide not to be locked in but go out. They deserve their leadership, how about you?

A boyfriend said to the friend about the girlfriend:

… she does not like going out. She stays in not like she does anything. She just stays in and I do not like it. It kills her and throws her emotions all over the place when I'm home. She drives me crazy.

This Age offers so much that we know so much, can do so much, but we certainly have time to casually talk to the next person, visit our neighbors, go out for fun, or be just nice and interpersonal without something to get in mind ; whereas we miss that lifestyle. We miss it when we get bored, lonely, needy. We miss it when we get too emotional and lock ourselves in or throw tantrum. We miss it when drugs, alcohol, sex, work, food, etc. become a fix we need to go by the day or sleep. Our souls need air. And the fresh breath of our souls is not a Date, or Deal Maker, or means to an end that all still strain our emotions, but something we knew as children to innocently play, be curious, want to go out, explore – something like those. Deep down our beings is someone still innocent, tender and needing love, freedom and expression. And I really believe that at the very core of it all, THOSE are what American fights for. Those are what make-up the spirit that further make-up the laws, drive and pursuit of America and Americans around the world. I am using America in this write-up to denote anyone that stands for freedom, liberty and expression that America exemplifies.

A reader said:

I believe there are many like me that do not just like going back home early, except they want to sleep.

The question now is why? But we should ask ourselves and be sincere. The irony of our time is that our outings are well decorated with beautiful clothes and makeup. Some of us do surgery to get the best shape and figure, but how about our inside like graveyards: lonely and dreaded. You have it all, but know people do not like you. Some of us are consumed by envy and claim it as ambition. Some of us are driven by jealousy and would not even know. These all add to the tension, drama, and what makes this our age interesting, but my concern is you. How are you? Are you bored, or are you are you really happy? Have you found something and someone you give your life and time, and it makes you happy? Do you express yourself, explore your graces and find reasons to dream?

Who would not say that America is leading the greatest Civilization of all times? Yet, it is a Civilization that is built on freedom and liberty. This liberty has transformed our world. It has unlocked the geniuses in our human spirits and inspired us to discover more and develop more. Thanks to the advent of Money, the blessings of Success, elements of Capitalism, and the glory of Class we can challenge ourselves to make more and more that makes this our world the most glorious of all times with unfathomable beauty and grandeur. The Dancing Water of Dubai, Underwater Train of Europe, the Internet and the developing reality of the Internet of Things, Mind-blowing Entertainments, Sports, Architecture, Space Travel, Domestication of Wild Animals, Artificial Intelligence and the Smart life are a mere highlight of what is, and what is to come. The list is inexhaustible. Our world is really a beautiful place. But maybe our lives, homes, families, relationships are teething apart, and it breaks my heart.

The evolution of things particularly from after the industrial revolution, has tried to make us most individualized, but not supposed to be bored. We are individualized to discover our very beings: maximize our potentials and contribute to the greatness of our world and civilization. We are freed to do as we like and find our true happiness. But why have we now taken to locking ourselves in? What is the reason for the emptiness you feel? The void we now try to fill with drugs, alcohol, work, sex, that go ahead to destroy us; it is supposed to be liberty to make you happy, not being arrested with the right to lock in and stay in, or just dismiss the next person, not pick up a call. I believe the Social Network revolution of our time marks a reason – to carter for our social needs that seem to evade us. But many are still locked out. Many are used to being bored. Yes, there are instances of insecurity, but we all do scarier things. People are still out there, even in the worst places. The truth is that we always survive. So it is more about us being used to being bored and giving excuses for it than the insecurity.

I write now not just to promote social media use but also self-expression. Love and sharing is inept. We are happier when we love, when we can give, when we can sacrifice. This is really the irony of our beasts, and it is our truth. The happiest days of a man's life is when he is in love and is loved in return. The pride of a man is when he can do something that affects many in a good way.

Another person said:

I see the SMS, the calls, chat notifications, but I do not just feel like replying. Sometimes I just want to be on my own.

No … its not bad to find your time, be in your space, but more of the other person that may not reach out to you again if you are not always there. It is about locking out your heart when someone wants to come in. It is about being selfish when another needs you, but expecting others to be there when you need them; or you're totally locked in because you know you do not care and others would not care.

My motive is that we build inside us like we have built our world. We should use our freedom and liberty not selfishly, but in consideration of the people around us. We should be beautiful people, not decorated wrecks, horrible bosses, uptight parents, addicted users of anything that fills the void of our hearts – be it food, alcohol, drugs, video games, work, sex, pain abuse and hostility. Let us give love a chance and people preference in our Lives again. Let us share, say hello because we are happy, not because we want something. As we have developed our world to such a great height, let us encourage and make our interpersonal lives great, beautiful and happy; for it is exactly what our world now needs. Love heals. Care saves. Sharing thrills.

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