Wedding Traditions Can Take a Twist – Create Your Own!

Some couples take the route of the very traditional wedding. They do not deviate from the standard and the ceremony itself is pretty much dictated by perhaps the routine of the church. This is great for some couples who enjoy traditions and want their ceremony and wedding reception to reflect this. On the other hand, we have those pairs that like to deviate from the norm. Perhaps not a huge leap but some small things included, changed or excluded based on their personal style and desires. In other words you put your own subtle spin on a traditional wedding.

When the bride comes into the chapel, church or hall, who says she's gotta come with Dad? What about both parents or a grandparent? Egypt as someone someone told me once, I came into this world alone so I'm going down the aisle that way! The other thing that has always been bizarre for me is the bride and groom having their back to their guest during their vows. Switch places with the person officiating so people can see YOU. That is after all why they are there. If your wedding is a smaller and intimate one then you can have guests circle you while the ceremony is performed. Have poems read, and songs sung that mean something to you, not the standard versions and hymns. When you depart, use some popular song as your recessional song to make a personal statement. I attended a wedding where they played a theme song from a television show – it was perfect for them !!

Traditional weddings are great but you are making a personal statement with your selection of wedding favors and decoration so why not extend that unique touch into elements of your ceremony as well. This may not be right for every couple but I'm sure some of you are reading this thinking hmm, what can we do? Sometimes the officiator may have some ideas he could tell you about and borrow from some trends with other couples. Keep and open mind and remember, it's about you and your partner on this day and making it your own will make the memories of this day even more precious.

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Steven Barnhart

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