Weed Documentary (2016) – High University: Cannabis in an American General public High University

Weed documentary 2016 – This marijuana documentary shows an within seem a higher faculty weed lifestyle. Cannabis use at this faculty in Portland Oregon is incredibly higher, pun meant. Smoking cigarettes pot has become nearly a norm at this higher faculty, while Mooks, Dabs, and other medications are becoming a authentic issue. The documentary shows how smoking cigarettes weed can lead to complications for several youthful persons and also tries to show the disconnect between students and lecturers on the matter of medications. The documentary is not attempting to make a statement about marijuana or medications in general this is not anti-drug propaganda. The documentary is however meant to provide to light a escalating issue and open up a extra in-depth discussion.

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When I to start with commenced producing this documentary movie, I was smoking cigarettes a lot of weed. I had usually believed that marijuana was entirely distinct from other medications and would by no means be a huge issue for society. Having said that, the extra I investigated this subject matter, the extra I started to know that weed wasn’t all great. I was surprised on returning to my aged higher faculty to locate that xanax and other products were becoming very popular. What is actually extra, no mother and father or lecturers or any individual at the faculty had any idea that there was an issue. It was just a bunch of young children experimenting with a thing that several noticed as not a “tough drug”. I don’t blame marijuana for producing a compact xanax epidemic at this faculty, that would be absurd. But what I can inform you is that only one yr ago, virtually no one did xanax and marijuana was the drug of preference. In 2015 a incredibly higher share of my class smoked weed, and smoked weed regularly. It appears to be like pot is nevertheless the drug of preference at this higher faculty but it appears to be like factors have just gotten so a lot even worse in the previous yr. Also the entire “mooking” matter is very out of hand as effectively. I know it can be just weed and tobacco, but I guess when you hit it out of a huge bong quite a few instances a working day it has some gnarly consequences. I know that in the previous yr Oregon has legalized marijuana and in the identical yr the drug issue has gotten even worse at this faculty, but I really don’t know if you can connect the two. Youngsters were smoking cigarettes just as a lot weed before legalization. Probably it has a thing to do with the “it can be not cool any longer” have an effect on as said by lil droosie. I have usually supported marijuana legalization. I imagine persons should have the independence to use cannabis for recreation. Having said that, immediately after producing this documentary I experience less absolutely sure about legalization than at any time. I know that legalizing could assistance with our prison overcrowding, slice electrical power away from drug cartels, and is just usually the ideal matter to do. But it really does seem like it could lead to an inescapable boost in underage use. I don’t know and neither does any individual else. Since producing this documentary I have commenced smoking cigarettes a lot less weed myself and have observed constructive influences. Probably I am just receiving aged and extra conservative , and less entertaining haha. Just know that before you comment that is documentary is anti-medications or anti-weed, it has made by a liberal 19 yr aged weed-person who failed to imagine weed was poor before he commenced investigating.

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Filmed and Edited by Ben Grayzel
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Artwork by Molly Hamilton

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