What is the Job of the Federal Trade Commission?

Many do not realize the incredible amount of work (paper work) which is done between coffee breaks at the FTC Federal Trade Commission, during ad hoc meetings discussing the weather and the Gay social clubs in Washington DC along side their 1970's desks. For instance each year they write up a performance review for Congress to ask for more money. God only knows how much this costs the taxpayers, as we read through some 123 pages of embellished fluff? I estimate that the report along costs at least $ 500,000 in taxpayer's money to prepare and it looks like BS from where I sit. In fact I believe that is as opinionated as this article blasting their piss poor performance.

Of course they trump their "maintaining competition" in the market place activities, yet we all know or should know that they more often attack entrepreneurial companies on behalf of established companies so that they really are stifling innovation and hurting competition, thus Forgetting The Consumer; FTC. The Federal Trade Commissions current; "Congressional Budget Justification Fiscal Year 2007 and Budget Request" reads more like automated "pat on the back" machine connected to Lance Armstrong's Tour de France bicycle pedals than anything else. My God these FTC people are arrogant to no end in my professional, learned and reality observational based opinion herein.

Of course their use of good white space and 124 pages of self-aggrandizement kudos in their "Federal Trade Commission Fiscal Year 2007 Overview Statement" suggests that the report and statement (written by them) supports the Federal Trade Commission's "must have" FY 2007 Budget request of $ 223,000,000 an amount, which indeed represents an increase of 13 million US Taxpayer's dollars over the FTC's FY 2006 level of funding. Personally and this is just me speaking from experience of their endeavors, I would not give them one darn dime of taxpayer's money, in fact we need to close that agency to protect the consumer. Consider this in 2006.

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