What You Seek You Will Find

What is your perception of the people you come in contact with through your day? How do you experience the world in which you live? What you see and experience has a direct connection to what you look for.

If you want to find evidence of what is ugly and frightening in the world, you will find it and its existence will affirm what you want to find. You will feel justified in thinking that there is no hope and that there is evil in the world. You will experience fear and seek to protect yourself from what you believe might attack you. All you have to do is watch the news, and as you are bombarded with story after story of conflict and problems, you begin to see a world gone insane with no hope for a positive future. And then fear sets in and makes you feel vulnerable to external circumstances that feel beyond your control. How can you protect yourself from a world that might turn on you at any moment?

If you look to find what is negative in people, you will find it, and you will feel vindicated in judging them in an attempt to convince yourself that you are not like "them." If you want to see people making mistakes and doing what you perceive as "wrong," that is what you will perceive. And you will feel vindicated in your judgment of their wrongdoing. You will draw back and separate yourself from them because you have to believe that you are different.

Just as you can find evidence of what is wrong in others, you can find evidence of all that is right in the people you interact with. What you seek is what you will find. Look beyond the surface personas that people may project and the memories of past errors that seem to draw you into judgment and separation from them. Look for the beautiful light of Spirit that exists within everyone and you will see it. As you recognize it and respond to it, you will open the way for others to shine their Light ever brighter. You will spark a deep recognition and knowing of each other as much more than physical bodies. Instead, you will recognize each other as Spirit and your connection will be imbued with the Light and Love of God. As you look for what is good and beautiful within everyone, you will see what you seek reflected back to you. As you recognize the truth of this and make Love your expectation, that will become your experience.

This works for the outside world as well. You can choose to focus on all that is going wrong in the world, and your experience of that will magnify. Or, you can choose to focus on all that is right and beautiful, and your experience of good and beauty will increase. Beauty and Love surround you all the time, but they do not clamour for your attention. They do not insure that you recognize them, but if you decide to look for them, they are there. The more you look for a world filled with kindness, caring, and beauty, the more you will see and experience.

It comes down to a choice between love and fear. If you wish to find evidence of all there is to fear in life, it will be there for you to experience and to project back out into the world. If you decide, instead, to look for evidence of love in all of its manifestations and expressions, it will be there for you to experience and to send back out into the world. You will see beauty where you once saw only ugliness. You will see love and caring where once you saw indifference, apathy, and hatred. You will see Light where once you saw only darkness.

What you seek is what you will find.

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Linda Aspen-Baxter

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