When Straight Guys Go Gay

Heard stories about straight guys go gay and want to convert one you are after now? If you have been afflicted with the straight guy craze, you definitely need basic information on how the mind of straights work, especially about his gay perspective.

Truth is, you cannot convert anyone into being gay, even if the straight guy has already had sex with you, that is no guarantee that he is going to switch teams. However, those stories about straight guys going gay are not entirely false. It only means that the guy is not even straight to begin with – only a straight acting one trying to stifle his urges towards the opposite sex.

But if you really are after a straight and desire for some skin to skin action, it does not mean that you cannot get it, because you can. It is a fact that there is no such thing as 100% masculinity and the key to getting a straight guy go gay, or at least act upon his sexual fantasies with another male is to convince him that having sex with a man does not make you gay.

Feed his mind that acting out all your sexual pleasures is something men do because it displays their superiority. Imagine having another of your specie submit to you and giving in to your sexual whims – that makes you the ultimate alpha male. There are many ways on how to conduct this mental handling and it all starts with sex talk – lots of it to make him game for anything.

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Johnny Butler

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