Where Shall You Go for Your First Gay Dating

So you got a date. He's HOT and you really want your first date to be unique, and create a great dating experiences for both of you.
The big question NOW is: "Where will you go?"

Dinner and Movies! Yeah — !! I know, most of you will answer dinner and movies. It's always an option and nothing wrong with it, but if
you want to impress him, be creative and pick other alternatives.

Below, I've listed some YES-YES places to go for your gay dating experiences.

1. Carnivals / Amusement Parks

It is hard not to have a good time at one of the happiest places on earth such as carnivals and amusement parks. Whether you decide to ride the
roller coaster or just want to play games and soak up the atmosphere, you both will have a plenty opportunity to loose up and get to know each other and
having fun. Yes. I love carnivals.

2. Zoos

I hate taking my little hyper-active cousin to zoos. But it does not mean you could not take your boy to zoos, right? Particularly if you are not impressed
with those stinky orangutans or elephants. Let me tell you: zoos provides you opportunity to walk outside and talk with him without rigid and stuffy atmosphere of restaurant or movies. It's casual, relaxed, and put less pressure on both of you.

3. Play some sports together

Initiate an ass grabbing wrestling sport. Full body oiled … or play strip-poker! Opss! Sorry. It's just screaming out from my mind, but it's not what I mean. Really,
no pun intended. LOL. We guys, love a little sport challenge. Take him to play miniature golf, bowling, or darts. They are reliably easy to play and heat up the situation with a friendly wager: the one who lose buy dinner. Hmm … I know both of you will have a great time together.

4. Local Music stores

Music lover? Hook up with your boy at your local music stores. Roaming together, pick and listen to various cds and I believe you will soon have hot topic to see if your music taste hit his right tones. Play the cd you both like the best and listen with one earphones each, cheek to cheek.

5. Doggy Style Date.

Make it doggy style. Ok. Stop it. It's not what you may think of. What I mean here is take your boy for a double date with your pet. Taking your dog to dog parks if both of you are dog lovers. Bring your pet and let them frolic in safe. Pet stuff always bring out nice conversation topics, since you are dog lover – you could talk with him about dog with ease

6. Charity Date

Do charity, volunteering together. No matter what kind of activities you choose, you'll have plenty of time to get together and know each other while you're doing something you both feel good about

Now. Watch-out below big NO-NO places to take your boy for your first date.

1. Movies / Concert

Taking him to movies or worse to concert will not fulfill your desire purpose of your first which is to get to know each other. With all the noise and crowds you will not
have that kind of opportunity. Beside, movies and music are highly subjective. You may love Madonna – He probably hates her. Do not ruin it before it even gets started,

2. Party

Big NO-NO. Again. Crowds, noise and alcohol are a bad combination for your first date. Even the most laid back guys feel uncomfortable. So drop it. Go alone or with your friend but not your date.

3. Family Gathering.

Oh. My Gowd! The largest NO-NO from all. It's the most stressful places for the first date. Imagine how stressful your date would be among your family members. It's already stressful for both of you trying to impress each other, do not add more or you will loose him even before he is offering you another second date

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